"You're a Jesus freak"

"The Jesus freak won't do that"

"When did you become such a Jesus freak?"

I've pretty much heard them all at this point. I've been the "Jesus freak" for a long time. I don't know that I always felt great about this nickname. The two parts of the name don't exactly fit together. Think about it. What do you think when you hear those two words by themselves.

Jesus- Amazing

Freak- not really a compliment, at all.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines freak as "one that is markedly unusual or abnormal"

So it really does not sound like a great nickname. It sounds more like an insult. It almost sounds like you are being made fun of.

But I have learned to take "Jesus freak" as a compliment, as a good nickname, and as something to be happy about. If it shows in the way that I act, feel, behave, and love that I am crazy about Jesus and fully dedicated to following Him, so much that I get a nickname stating that, then maybe I am doing something right.

They aren't wrong. I am in love with Jesus, I really am crazy about Him, I want my whole life to revolve around Him, and that SHOULD be visible to others. I should show God's love to others. I should show the light of Christ in everything that I do and to everyone that I meet. And when you get to the point that you just love God beyond measurable amounts and revolve your entire life around Him, you do not even have to try to do those things. Eventually, Jesus just radiates out of you because you allow Him to live and dwell withing you.

Maybe freak is part of this nickname because it is, for some reason, unusual for people to be crazy about God. It is abnormal for people to want to talk about Jesus all the time, and weird for people to make Him the center of their lives in such an extreme way that it is visible to everyone.

People who revolve their lives around Jesus are often looked down upon, ridiculed, and judged. Maybe it is because others do not understand. Maybe others do not know His love and His goodness and cannot see a reason to live a life like that. But once you know the good news, how can you keep from singing? How can you not want to show how great it is to others so they can experience eternal love, happiness, peace, and joy too? No nickname will ever stop me from spreading God's love, or His light, or His word. Nothing will ever stop that.

So if someone calls you a Jesus freak, be happy about it. Take that name as a little note from God that you are doing something right. If you are living your life in a way that shows God's love and light so much that you get receive a nickname about it, keep doing what you are doing. Take that name as a compliment and continue to love the Lord with all of your heart and show His love to everyone you encounter.

Never stop showing Jesus to the person who calls you a "Jesus Freak". Who knows, maybe you will be the only Jesus that person sees all day. Maybe God will use you to turn that person into a "Jesus Freak" too.