Janelle Monae's 'Django Jane' Is The Feminist Rap You Didn't Realize You Needed
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Janelle Monae's 'Django Jane' Is The Feminist Rap You Didn't Realize You Needed

Cardi who?

Janelle Monae's 'Django Jane' Is The Feminist Rap You Didn't Realize You Needed
Janelle Monae, @janellemonae on Instagram

Janelle Monae was first brought to America's attention in 2012 after being featured on fun.'s smash hit "We Are Young." After that song spent six weeks in the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100, the recognition she gained landed her song "Tightrope" a spot on the third installment of the wildly popular "Just Dance" video game franchise. Now, in 2018, Monae is certainly past her "Just Dance" days and is taking center stage with her newly released album, Dirty Computer.

One song that certainly stands out from the rest is "Django Jane", the sixth track on the album. Stepping away from the vocals she showcases in songs like "Make Me Feel", "Django Jane" is a bonafide rap song with lyrics about female empowerment and her experience as an African American woman in the entertainment industry.

The lyrics are sharp and witty, full of clever references to Monae's heroes and critiques of the current social and political climate. One line says, "I got away with murder, no scandal, cue the violins and violas" referencing the T.V. shows How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal , along with actress Viola Davis. The empowering lyrics combined with the thumping bass make it hard not to feel inspired after listening.

Not to mention, the music video is just as (if not more) kick-ass as the lyrics themselves. Monae rocks a military-style costume and lounges on a throne, surrounded by fierce-looking ladies rocking even fiercer choreography. The lighting and colors of the costumes and background create a badass atmosphere and make it clear that Monae is the wrong woman to mess with.

Monae's album comes at a time of political and racial tension in the United States, and her point of view as a black woman is one that tends to be under-represented in the media. It's important for us to continue to support and uplift creative individuals such as Monae who are using their voices to empower others who may be feeling left out of the current narrative being told in pop culture today.

This song differs from other songs from female rappers that have been getting airtime as of late because it's not devoted to tearing others down: too often we hear rap songs from female rap artists about how men are trash, or how other women are "bitches." While these songs may be catchy, songs preaching empowerment will always have a better message than those tearing others down.

Monae's "Django Jane" is different in a great way. It tells a different story than the ones we're used to hearing. It's catchy and hasgot a beat that makes you want to move. All and all, it's the female-empowering rap you never knew you needed.

Dirty Computer is available now, and an accompanying tour is kicking off on June 11 in Redmond, Washington.

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