Instagram May Ditch "Likes" On Posts

These days it seems like Instagram is just one big popularity contest. Forget sentimental posts and vacation pictures. Instead, photos are carefully posed, planned, edited, and filtered in order to create a seemingly perfect, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. For many users, it's all about the number of likes a photo gets.

Interestingly enough, Instagram is looking into hiding the number of likes a photo receives. Rather than publicly displaying the number of likes each post gets, users will simply see the post. Soon, we may have a like-less Instagram.

And I am SO ready for it. Though some people don't agree with the idea of ditching the like count, I fully support the idea and am waiting for the day it is implemented. A like-less Instagram will be a better Instagram.

Why? There are many reasons. Mental health is a widespread problem with no immediate solution. However, pressure and anxiety from social media can be decreased by taking simple steps such as hiding the number of likes a photo gets. Users will not feel pressured to display their own popularity or compare themselves to the popularity of others.

Instead, Instagram will focus solely on photos. The pressure and the anxiety that comes along with uploading a picture will decrease, and users very well may find themselves in a better mental (and emotional) state.

Without likes, users can also go back to posting whatever they want, whenever they want, instead of feeling like each post must be planned to perfection. A person's feed will be a reflection of her own unique style and personality rather than a reflection of what she thinks her followers will like.

Social media is such a burden, and it shouldn't be. Instagram is supposed to be a fun, lively environment where people can share photos without feeling pressured to receive a certain amount of likes. Instagram is not about likes - it's about people.

With the possibility of a like-less Instagram on the horizon, Instagram may change people's lives for the better. I'm excited for the fun to be brought back to Instagram, and I am ready for the popularity contest to end.

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