Insta360’s Latest Camera is Great on the ‘Go’
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Insta360’s Latest Camera is Great on the ‘Go’

By: James McDonald

insta360 camera

Insta360 has always been a company of ‘go getters’ working tirelessly to push the limits of their action cameras potential. Just when consumers thought the successful sequel to their Go series couldn’t get any better, the company has outdone themselves again with their latest creation, allowing users to easily create captivating shots out of everyday moments in a fun and fulfilling way.

Measuring just inches made with a sturdy magnetic mounting system, the Insta360 GO3 can easily be carried anywhere capturing shots up to a stunning 2.7k resolution that just isn’t possible on any other camera. Like a Dr. Suess book, it’s up to the imagination of ‘the places you’ll go’ with it. I’ve attached it to my golf club to get unbeatable shots of my swing on the course, my drone to capture arial sunsets on warm summer nights at the beach, and even to my dog to record his point of view playing at the park. Being IPX8 waterproof allowed me to take it surfing with me. For a few additional dollars, consumers can upgrade to the ‘travel’ bundle which includes must-have accessories like the bike mount for rides on the road, foldable selfie stick with a built-in-tripod, and chest pennant for hands free shooting that creates the illusion as if the camera is floating. I’ve used this to capture my favorite concert moments without taking my eyes off the show, nighttime strolls through the city and even on a high-adrenaline roller coaster. The built-in flowstate stabilization and nine-axis gyro smooths out the shakeness in every shot.

Insta360 GO 3: Revolutionizing the World of Action Cameras | Joe's DailyThe camera has me ‘all charged up’, and so does its impressive battery life. The GO3 lasts up to two hours and forty minutes, over double the power of the GoPro Hero 11. When turned off after use, the camera has lasted for days worth of shooting. Using a USB-C cable, it takes 35 minutes for a full charge, and the action pod just over an hour.

One noticeable difference between Insta360’s previous model and the GO3 is its new companion, the action pod. Packed with a wide 2.2 inch touchscreen, the pod connects to the Go3 via bluetooth for a seamless live preview monitor. For selfies and vlogging, the touch screen can be flipped forward for the user to see. Though I wish the resolution on the monitor matched the 2.7k resolution that the camera shoots, it gives a good idea of the results being taken. Though the action pod and Go3 pair terrifically together, they are discrete. The GO3 can be used as a standalone, and can record video and take photographs using the discreet logo button at the bottom of the device. Holding the button for three seconds turns it on and off, a single tap takes a photo, and double tapping records video indicated by the red tally light. Those controls can be changed and customized in the mobile application settings. Voice control 2.0 allows for hands free commands by saying ‘take a photo’ or ‘start/stop recording’. The action pod can also become a preview monitor even when the GO3 is not directly attached to the pod.

World's Smallest' Action Camera? Where to Buy the Insta360 Go 3 – Billboard

Pressing the ‘Q’ button on the pod pulls up the various presets that include skiing, vlogging, and the outdoors. Each preset contains specific shutter speeds, field of view, frame rate, and shooting parameters. For more advanced users, up to five additional custom presets can be created along with their specifications. Various modes can also be accessed through the ‘Q’ button as and include TimeLapse video, loop recordings, and HDR photos. I had a blast trying out each of the modes and presets and incorporating each one into my lifestyle of shooting. The camera and action pod can also connect via the Insta360 mobile application which allows users to upload their footage and even instantly edit their clips together using AI technology at no additional cost. Users that want to edit the clips to music can even have them edited on beat. What would have originally taken hours for me to sync and edit together now takes minutes thanks to the time-saving software. It’s absolutely magical.

The Insta360 is a deeply innovative and unique camera built with advancements in astethics and endless possbilities. It’s the kind of camera that I keep falling in love with, can’t ‘go’ without, and want to capture life’s moments in full circle. 9.8/10

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