Inside Look Into Swap Season
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Student Life

Inside Look Into Swap Season

Swaps at Ole Miss

Inside Look Into Swap Season

As football season and classes are really heating up here in Oxford, so are swaps. Each week sororities and fraternities come together to have parties like no other. These themed parties bring out the underlying personalities and creativity of the Greek system through each house’s members. Themes range from “biker” swaps to “dynamic duos” and all the way to “rowdy redneck.”

Charlotte Parker, a Junior Tri-Delt, loves swap season and Phi Delt; “Swaps are not only fun dance parties,” says Parker, “but you get closer to your sisters and make life-long friends.”

At her first swap freshman year, all of the new “baby dolphins” were getting to know each other when she met Emily Gaither. She soon found out that Emily had grown up in the same town as Charlotte’s dad.

“It really is a small world!” says Parker. 

Charlotte’s favorite swap of her sophomore year was the Thrift Shop Swap with Phi Delt. She loved taking silly pictures with all of her sisters in their crazy outfits. 

“Me and some of my friends had a photo shoot with the photographer who took the guys composites earlier that day! A week later all of the pictures were sent to us,” says Parker while laughing.

I am sure the swap was much more fun, for the photographer, than taking fraternity boys composites.... 

From left to right it’s Tri Delt’s Brooke Meitzler, Madison Dyson,
and Charlotte Parker. 

Savannah Odum, a Phi Mu, had a slightly different experience at her first swap. She just may have found her prince charming dressed in leather. At the “Biker Swap,” the first swap of her freshman year, Savannah Odum fell down the stairs after tripping on her bootlace. Instead of falling on her face, a Kappa Sig caught her. 

Was it love at first swap?

“I think swap season is so fun. It's a great time to meet new people and bond with your sisters. The themes get better every year and when everyone really gets into the theme including the guys it just makes the swaps that much better,” says Madison Heil, a sophomore Phi Mu.

Girls are not the only ones who really get into the themes of swaps. William Kneip, a junior Phi Delt, tells about his favorite swap experience; “When I was a freshmen, I went to the wedding swap with Tri Delt and dressed up as Harry from Dumb and Dumber and my pledge brother Stephen Barr dressed up as Lloyd. We ended up trying to walk home after the swap ended and didn't make it home till about 5am because people kept picking us up on the side of the road as we were walking to take us to their late nights because of how we were dressed,” William Kneip tells while laughing. 

Here's a picture of Kneip and Burr from that night:

For some people football or baseball season can be their favorite time of the year. Other people enjoy watching the leaves change or decorating for Christmas. Sophomore Tri-Delt Callaway Cole’s is a little different from the rest.

“Swap season is the best part of the year,” exclaims Callaway Cole, “Nothing can beat the sight of the college kids walking around campus and the Square dressed crazily!” 

At the Sigma Nu and Tri-Delt Dynamic Duos swap this year, it was a blast from the past when Britney Spears and Ginger Spice made an appearance:

Harley Felsher was Ginger Spice and Callaway Cole was
Britney Spears. 

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