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If There Can Be Life In The Valley Of Death, You Can Grow Through What You Go Through, Too

At the bottom of valleys, there is fertile soil.


In the words of Mary Beth Griggs, "Even in the most inhospitable places, life finds a way." In her article "Death Valley is Covered in Flowers," she writes about an odd, yet beautiful phenomenon that occurred in the Death Valley: life.

The Death Valley, located at the border of California and Nevada, is one of the hottest and driest places in the United States. Yet somehow, there is an abundance of life blooming. Literally a “super bloom." I cannot explain the science behind it, but I can wonder about this miracle. How on Earth is there an abundance of life in a valley notoriously known for its barrenness and infertility?

I've researched quite a bit on valleys this week. I've learned that at the bottom of valleys, there is fertile soil. I learned that it is excellent farmland. To me, it sounds like a great place to bear fruit!

So why are we so afraid of the valleys? I don't mean that physically (although maybe it applies to some). I mean why are we afraid of the season of the valley? We always praise and glorify God for moving mountains and that we will see Him him “do it again" (as Elevation Worship so eloquently put it). But don't we realize in order to see the mountain move we have to be in the valley?

"He sends the springs into the valleys; they flow among the hills." Psalm 104:10.

Read that again. Did you see what God did to the valley? He didn't just send water, He sent drinkable water into the place where you don't want to be. He sent living water to sustain you. But He didn't stop there, He sent that water for the creation around you. He sustains you in the valley, not just on the mountain top. He sends life into the most inhospitable places.

In Ezekiel 37, God brought Ezekiel to a literal Death Valley. A valley with dry, lifeless bones. And God told Ezekiel to speak life into them. God didn't prophesy it, He asked man to. Why? Because you have the authority to speak life.

Speak life into your Death Valley! "So I spoke the message, just as He told me. Suddenly as I spoke, there was a rattling noise all across the valley." If life can be spoken into Ezekiel's Death Valley, and if life can bloom out of a natural Death Valley, then life can come forth to your Death Valley.

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