How Important Music Is In Movies
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Sound Of Success: Importance Of Music In Film

We all enjoy music on a normal day, but how important is it in a movie?

Sound Of Success: Importance Of Music In Film

Music is an important aspect of our lives. That seems like a simple observation to make, but the truth is that music really has invaded all corners of our existence. Some of us have valued music so much that we attend events and concerts specifically designed to just appreciate it. Others just use music as a way to pass the time or to combat silence. Music is something to be treasured, something to be admired and even created. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't encounter music in some shape or form. In fact, I am listening to music as I type this sentence.

Given how important music is to us as a people, it should come naturally to associate how important music to other forms of entertainment. Specifically, it shouldn't be a surprise to learn how vital music is to movies, shows, and other productions. Though it seems like to be just a small aspect of the movie-going experience, music is incredibly important to the overall structure of the film. Without good music or a competent knowledge of movie making, a movie is very liable to fall apart.

What happens more often than not when we listen to music? Think about what you experience when your favorite song comes on the radio. There's that initial rush of excitement that thrums through your veins when you realize what song is actually playing. From here, the roads and avenues of possibility are endless. Your favorite song could be an upbeat tune that makes you feel happy or a quiet and somber tone that puts you in a peaceful or sad state. No matter the outcome, what is important to note is that music isn't some passive entity: it makes you feel emotion.

In movies, this ability is utilized and extremely vital. Music in movies isn't just a way to be cool and relatable to audience members. In fact, music is used often as a way to heighten and stress certain emotions the scene is trying to create. Need example? Think of how our excitement builds and swells as the "Jurassic Park" theme plays over the image of large and majestic creatures. Remember how awed and threatened we all felt when Darth Vader's Imperial March blasted at us from the speakers. Music isn't just a filler for silence, it is a way to heighten the mood and overall feel of the movie or scene.

Just think of how a movie would totally flop if the music in these movies had failed. It's not just that you insert a song, you have to insert the right song or melody that matches the tone and mood of the scene or film in its entirety. That scene in Jurassic Park wouldn't really be as powerful if Rick Astley's sweet pipes promised he would never give you up. If that song or a similar song were to be played over that scene, it wouldn't have as big an impact as it has now. In fact, it may spoil the tone for the rest of the movie that may never be regained. The scene wouldn't punch us nearly as hard and thus would not leave a positive, lasting impression in our minds.

However, what about songs that have lyrics? What about musicals? Obviously, music is just as important in these films as well. In fact, music in some films isn't just there for heightening the emotions in the scene. Music can be so much more than that. Music can be a gateway for the audience to learn more about the plot and the characters. Think about songs in movies like "Frozen", "The Lion King", or "Tangled." A lot of these songs serve as ways to not only entertain the audience but also to move along the overall plot. It is through song that we see Elsa find herself and appreciate her powers, it is through song that we learn about Rapunzel's isolation, and it is through song we see Scar's evil plan unfold. These songs last because they help tell the story instead of just adding to the story.

In the end, music is such an important part of the overall melody of any given movie experience.

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