I'm the Community Rep for a Liberal Blog Service at a Conservative Engineering University
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I'm the Community Rep for a Liberal Blog Service at a Conservative Engineering University

It might be a rough ride!

I'm the Community Rep for a Liberal Blog Service at a Conservative Engineering University

I'm a Community Representative for Odyssey, which basically means people write blogs in my community and I edit them before they get posted.

A few years ago, I went on Instagram and found that my friend from a nearby college was posting on this website. I thought it was really cool, because I had always wanted to blog and Odyssey promised payment for popular posts.

So, I get on the website, type in my information, and put in "University of Toledo" as my community.



I tried again. No luck.

It turns out that the University of Toledo wasn't a valid community, because no one from Toledo posted on the site! It made sense, too. Everyone goes to Toledo for engineering or nursing or, I don't know, biology?

I'm a Language Arts Education major, not because Toledo is good for that, but because my tuition is free.

The arts department is small. Our literary journal runs only every other semester because of one thing or another: lack of funding, lack of management, or lack of submissions.

The community finally got added a while ago and I just got this job today. I go into the "Member" section of my profile for the community. No one is there. Not a single other person has ever, in all of Odyssey existence, has applied to this community.

Such monthly tasks include having meetings with creators, posting twentish posts a month with your team, and having your whole team follow different people on Instagram.

That's rough when no one exists in your community.

So, I guess my first task is to GET CREATORS, RIGHT?

Wish me luck!

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