17 Red And White Wines That Sum Up Your Sorority’s Vibe Better Than Its Actual Colors

17 Red And White Wines That Sum Up Your Sorority’s Vibe Better Than Its Actual Colors

Bold and flavorful, or light and sweet... there's a bottle for everyone.

What does a sorority girl like more than chicken nuggets and Starbucks? From my experience, there's only one correct answer: wine. Whether it is a pink Zinfandel or exquisite Pinot Grigio, every srat girl has her go-to wine. Odds are, if you have a srat girl as a best friend, you know what her favorite wine is.

Without further ado, if the sororities you know and love were bottles of wine:

1. Alpha Chi Omega: Malbec Varieties

Malbec is a safe bet to be a fun wine that everyone enjoys. You really can't go wrong with Malbec wines (Alpha Chi Omega's) because they are consistently great.

2. Alpha Delta Pi: Beringer Varieties

Beringer was the first winery in Napa Valley, California. ADPi was the first secret Greek society for women. Appropriately matched, and consistently in great taste.

3. Alpha Gamma Delta: Franzia

Alpha Gam's motto is "Inspire Women. Impact the World." There's nobody more inspiring than a girl drinking Franzia, because you know she's been working her tail off to impact the world and has had a hell of a day.

4. Alpha Kappa Alpha: Barefoot Pink Sparkling

Barefoot pink and bubbly is eye-catching and wholesomely sweet, much like the ladies of AKA.

5. Alpha Omicron Pi: Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon

AOPi's are like that really great bottle of Cabernet you just keep going back to. So well-rounded, bold but not too bold, and a great compliment for any situation.

6. Alpha Phi: Ménage à Trois Gold Chardonnay

Alpha Phi's are unapologetically bold and voluptuous like this gold chardonnay. Whether it's wine or the sorority girl, both are likely to stand independently to make their impact.

7. Chi Omega: Burrowing Owl Merlot

This was the easiest association. Why? Because like Merlot, I've never met a Chi O I didn't like (oh and the owl is their mascot too).

8. Delta Delta Delta: Barolo Red

Ahhh, the Barolo Red, one of Italy's best exports. Tri Delts are the fashionistas, and so is this particular red blend. They appropriately fit because of their exclusivity and refined look-- why yes, this is Italian, and yes I know you're jealous.

9. Delta Gamma: Côtes de Provence Rosé

DG's, synonymous with the pink and blue, are great examples of this $9 Rosé from Aldi. DG's are the kind of wine that won't think they're better than you. But don't be deceived by their outward appearances because there's a bold flavor on the inside.

10. Kappa Delta: Villa Solare Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio's are known for being refreshing and crisp. Every KD I know is always energetic and upbeat, much like a good Grigio is a necessary refresher when life gets you down.

11. Gamma Phi Beta: Blue Moon Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir drinkers are loyal to Pinot Noir and Pinot Noir only. They swear by it. Just like you can swear by a Gamma Phi's loyalty and friendship. (Also, only Gamma Phi's are this obsessed with a crescent moon).

12. Kappa Alpha Theta: Moscato d'Asti

Theta's and Moscato: undeniably the sweetest of them all. Gold-labeled, or hearts of gold, they are one in the same.

13. Delta Zeta: Cryptic Red Blend

Image result for red blends under $15

Cryptic by nature, but well-intended in heart. DZ's are good at saying just enough, but not too much. Also, odds are a DZ knows a girl, who knows a girl, who knows that girl's best friend, who can find anything out about anyone. Watch out.

14. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Ponzi Riesling

Intense and full of fruity flavor, Kappas and riesling go together like eggs and bacon. Each Reisling is unpredictable with the flavor that it packs, much like you never know what you're going to get into with a Kappa (although it's almost always a good thing).

15. Phi Mu: Bestheim Gewürztraminer

For Phi Mu, it's only appropriate that they are a wine that resonates with the same air of expertise as they do. A lot of people would misinterpret Gewürztraminer as being posh or overly fancy, but in reality, it's a wine of integrity and dependability because of its aromaticity. Here's to you, Phi Mu and Gewürztraminer (don't ask me how to pronounce it).

16. Pi Beta Phi: Revelry Cabernet Franc

Pi Phi's are the adventurous type — you go to a Cabernet Franc because you're tired of seeing the same old Cabernet Sauvignon. If a Pi Phi can convince you to break out of your comfort zone, it's the best decision you could possibly make.

17. Zeta Tau Alpha: Fleur du Cap Semillon

The Semillon is the most ambitious of all wines: it can be zesty, dry, sweeter, and any variety of bodied. ZTAs strive to be the best at what they are doing, making sure to ensure their Alpha attitude when they enter the room. They would definitely agree with the sentiment "save the best for last."

End disclaimer: As with all of my articles, remember that this is well-intended with good humor.

Cover Image Credit: Meaghan Noxon / Pinterest

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Cover Image Credit: Whiskey Riff

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A Saturday In The Life Of A Freshman

Welcome to Darty Season


Have you ever had a more stereotypical freshman's Saturday than my friends Maddie, Lauren, Jocelyn, Meg, Barbara, and I? Keep reading to see a packed day in darty season from a freshman's point of view.

9:00 am

My alarm that I meant to set for the day before goes off. I begrudgingly roll over, and turn it off, falling back asleep.

10:00 am

I finally wake up, roll, or jump, out of my lofted bed, grab my laptop, and do a little studying for my exam on Monday -- there's no time for that later today, so I've gotta get some of it done then.

10:30 am

Shower. Pick an outfit. Brush teeth. Makeup. Pack a bag of extra clothes.

12:00 pm

I walked downstairs to the lobby to meet two of my friends who were gonna walk with me to Tutweiler Hall.

12:30 pm

My friends and I at the fundraising event

Elizabeth Gainey

We arrived at Tut, met our friends, then left to go to a philantropy event at Sig Tau sponsored by B+, an organization that assists the families of children diagnosed with cancer. Their burgers and fries were top notch.

2:30 pm

The Hackberrys, a band comprised of UA students, played the event. We left to go back to Tut after a few songs.

3:00 pm

We finally got back at Tut, changed clothes, listened to music, hung out.

3:45 pm

We *finally* left for Pike (sorry mom!). You know how long it takes five girls to get ready, so don't act so shocked.

4:10 pm

Myself, super escstatic about having to wait in a mob of people to get in

Elizabeth Gainey

Have you ever arrived to a frat when it's at capacity? Yeah, around 100 screaming girls were shoving to get into the darty. It was an experience like no other, but eventually, we made our way in. It may have been in groups of two, and we definitely lost a girl to the crowd (she's fine!), but we made it.

6:30 pm

After dancing on an elevated surface or two, walking in circles around their courtyard, watching an active climb into a basketball goal, and waiting in a way-too-long line for the restroom, we decided to go back to Tut.

6:45 pm

We definitely made a stop to grab a snack or two on our way back to Tut.

7:15 pm

After realizing that none of the parties at night were gonna start until around 10 pm, we decided to watch some random YouTube videos and Netflix to pass the time. There was also another stop for snacks at the infamous Julia's on the first floor of Tut.

9:30 pm

My third outfit change of the day. We decided to leave Tut for frat row for the third time that day, too. I wanna say my total steps for the day was around 17,000? It was a lot.

10:00 pm

Best view in the house (Myself on the left, Maddie on the right)

Elizabeth Gainey

We got to Sigma Pi as the party was just starting to build up. Their band room was filled within the hour, and they had a pretty good DJ. Although the active yelling at me and my friend to get off the stage was no fun.

11:00 pm

Have you ever faked out a frat boy with a soccer ball? Well, now I can say I have.

12:00 am

After someone pulled the fire alarm on Sigma Pi, we decided to walk back to Tut.

12:45 am

My two Ragecrest friends and I decided to take the bus back because, after the stretch to and from frat row three times, we had no more walking left in us.

1:00 am

Canes chicken tenders. Enough said. It's the way to end a night.

It was a very packed, but very fun and eventful day. We pretty much hit all the spring semester stereotypes: walking along and to frat row, going to a darty, going to a frat party, going to a philanthropy event, and more. As crazy as the day was, I highly recommend trying a day like this once because you won't forget it!


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