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What I miss about North Carolina

The road has me missing home, so I wrote about it. It did not help.

What I miss about North Carolina
Charlie Haskew Smith IV

It is hard to put into words, these feelings I have.


On one hand I am super happy and feel very lucky to go on a huge road trip to the west coast.

I've seen the snow-capped mountains of the Grand Tetons and the stunning mesas of the Arizona dessert.

I have played shows in Chicago, Illinois and Brooklyn, New York.

I have smelled the alcohol fueled blues of Memphis and the loud miraculous tones of Bourbon Street.

(If you have never been to Memphis or Bourbon Street, you can actually smell the history there. As it turns out, history smells like gin)


I can say, without a doubt, North Carolina is the greatest state of them all, and it is what I currently miss the most.

I miss waking up in the Appalachian Mountains and smelling the clear mountain air wafting off of Howards Knob.

The parkway is something that I have always taken for granted. I have been so close to hiking trails that I feel I never see.


I miss the tall Oak trees in my front yard back home. Standing so strong for years, those trees will guard my home for years to come.

I miss the clay. The ground out west sucks. I'm covered head to toe in dust that I may never wash off.

At least at home, the dirt smells good, here it's just everywhere.

I miss the music. At home, there was always music playing, and not just from some speakers. People outside just making music with the night air.

Bluegrass makes me feel at home and safe. The songs have the same formula (and sometimes the same lyrics) and they are all about improv.


Currently, I am listening to Doc Watson. If you play 'The Old Home' and you close your eyes, you can almost see the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I miss my friends (hey peeps, this next part will be kind of a letter to my pals up in Boone. If you want to skip it, look for a cute picture of a dog)

I hope all is well on the home front. Hope you are staying somewhat sober.

How is class? I know some of you are doing the whole summer school thing.

We should see a sunrise when I get back. May even sing a bit if you like. Either way, I'm fine.

Well I need to get back to my article now so here is something to drink to for me

'Here is to us. Champagne for our real friends,

and real pain for our sham friends.' (Drink)


Wow isn't that a cute dog? I think so.

Maybe I'm just homesick or tired of being on the road. Whatever is going on I can't wait to be home.

Until then I'll just get my Carolina kicks from a can. It's not the best, but it works.

If you are like me and missing the Tar Heel state, try this really cool playlist I've had. Whenever I listen it always makes me feel tons better.

See you soon.




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