Struggles of Quarantine
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Even though the mandatory Quarantine that has been put into place is far from over, I want to talk about how I've spent my time and some of the struggles I have encountered. First of all I would like you all to know that I am a very extroverted person and for me to have a whole day where I don't see my friends or have something going on even if it's simply going to class, those day's don't really exist in my lifestyle. So the fact that I haven't seen any of my friends and I'm pretty sure my butt is officially part of my bed now has been a really big struggle for me.

Even before it became mandatory for people to stay in there homes and not see anyone, I had spent several days self quarantining. The day I moved out of my dorm was the first time I had spent more than 5 minuets outside. I had to move almost everything by myself because my brother was still at work. When I walked into my dorm I started crying because, you know those movies were the main character gets live flashbacks of all the memories that took place there. Well that's what it felt like, because I was walking into the room that I had met some of the most amazing people. I only lived in that dorm for around four months. All the memories of us dancing like we didn't care, blaring music, deep talks, hyping each other up before we went out for the night and of course the time that we were casually drinking one night and our RA knocked on our door which lead me to sprint to the bathroom but on the way I slipped on a stray towel which caused me to fall on my knee cap with my whole body force behind it and then crawl into the bathroom. My knee was swollen for days, but the way that one of my suite mates and I laughed about that whole thing made it a good memory rather than a bad one. Packing all my things was hard because I didn't want to except the fact that I was really leaving.

Since the day that I moved out, I have been living with my brother and his girlfriend, I have been here for a week and two days. I love both of them of course. It has been really nice to get to spend time with them, but I don't want to over crowd them in their own home. So I have spent a lot of time in there guest bedroom where I have watched a lot of Netflix. They both are essential workers so they aren't home during the day and it gets lonely. The other day I was in a mood of "everything is pointless" and "literally nothing matters anymore so why should I even get out of bed" but by the end of the day I realized I was just getting straight up stir crazy. So I went to Taco Bell because even though all fast food places are bad for you Taco Bell has always been my favorite ever since I was young. So I went there and got my food it was about a 10 minuet round trip and when I got back I was in a much better mood. I have realized that even though my freshman year of dorm rooms are over that doesn't mean my life is over and if I have learned anything from watching TikTok's it's that pretty much everyone else is feeling the same way I am. Also sometimes you just need a little Taco Bell to make your day a little better.

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