I Asked My Friends About OnlyFans And Surprised Them With This
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I Asked My Friends About OnlyFans And Surprised Them With This

With all the drama surrounding OnlyFans, people forget what the site is really about.

I Asked My Friends About OnlyFans And Surprised Them With This

We've read the news about Bella Thorne having an impact on the OnlyFans site and its content creators and several stories about people making thousands of dollars a month for posing images that feed the fantasies of the general public. What else is there to know about it?

I have spent a large amount of time scrolling through videos, articles, interviews about OnlyFans creators and I wanted to know what my friends thought about it. I wondered if they knew people who were doing it, what they thought about those people, if they ever thought about making one, etc. All the juicy questions needed to be answered. I threw out surveys left and right and left a surprise for all surveyors.

On a side note, I interviewed people in person, too so the responses below are either the ones that are the most spot-on or really funny (for me) to read.

1.  When you think of OnlyFans, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

"NSFW (not safe for work) work. Also, there was a YouTuber who got flack because his wife had an OnlyFans. There wasn't even any NSFW apparently, it was just glorified insta, so there's that too lmao."

"I think it's a safer version of being a camgirl/camboy; you get to control what's posted in your feed."



OnlyFans is a safe platform for all kinds of content, so congratulations to the being who said "content." Creators can either place a fee for viewers on their page or have it set to free/public for you to subscribe to them. It is blue Instagram without the nudity policies and more money involved. Fitness trainers are really a jack of all trades on that site because their page can be accessed as a workout subscription or eye-candy videos. Did you know podcasts are on here, too? I'm subscribed to one.

2. You recognize the face of an OnlyFans account. What to do next?

"Mind my business"

"Let out an audible gasp, judge them in my head, judge them with my friends and then forget it ever happened."

"I am initially intrigued by it; I would say "Wow, THEY have an OF? Wow that's wild"

"I'll tell them if I'm close to them that I found their account. But I won't tell anyone else unless they want me to promote it."

It takes a lot of work to find people through this site if you're not using it. A lot of the creators promote their work through social media posts like Instagram and Snapchat. I know some individuals who spam their stories every now and then with content from their page. It catches me off-guard at first but then I'm over. It's not my business.

The thing I love about the site is really the creators who are in the same hole as me: college kid trying to make money. There's a person I know who has me on their private snap and posts updates about her subscribers and asks questions about what she should post. She's quite a gem.

3. X person has something mean to say about OnlyFans creators and asks you about your opinion.

"Neutral opinion since I don't know much but I also don't want to get involved."

"The sexualization of different genders has always happened; there are people who are always being objectified and belittled (especially those who are in the sex industry). I believe that if people are going to be sexualized in the view of others, they might as well make money off of it and on their terms."

"I think it's a source of income that is much safer than other industries. People should be free to do what they want with their bodies. If it doesn't harm your person physically, then you don't have to watch if you don't agree with their choices."

No words from me about this portion. Chef's kiss.

4. Would you ever create an OnlyFans account? Why or why not?

"No, I feel like my body is very private"

"No. I'm not cute enough"

"No, because people don't wanna see me naked lol"

"Yes, because it can be a fantastic form of passive or even a main source of income that can be very financially lucrative."

These responses are aimed towards OnlyFans with nudity content and that's fine. This is such a huge compliment for a lot of creators. It takes a lot of effort to post quality content, whether it be nudes, workout videos, podcasts, cosplay, etc. It is a power move to get paid by doing things that seem effortless.

5. I have an OnlyFans account. Do you have any questions or comments for me?

"What do you use it for?"

"Damn that's wild"

"Making bank bruh! And when you do, treat me for boba. Love you😋"

This was something I wanted to expose in my own terms. It's funny that people assume that I make content. I've had my moments of feeling ashamed because there will always be people out there who will judge me for being associated with the site. I was scared too for some time because I've read articles about women getting fired from their job for having an account, and as a college student who is looking for work, this site might keep me from getting a job.

Unfortunately, I will not be explaining what I do in this article but in an upcoming one. If you have anything to ask me, please reach out.

On an ending note, a big thank you again to those who supplied me with their responses. I like the site. I think it's intriguing to be a part of something that has a 'bad' reputation. OnlyFans is an open platform for those who want to be closer to their fans (hence the brand name) and there is no right or wrong way to use it.

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