How to Style Booty Shorts for Winter
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How to Style Booty Shorts for Winter

Don’t limit your booty shorts to only some months out of the whole year. Wear your booty shorts year round and show off some of the best parts of you.

Booty Shorts for Winter

You may think that wearing booty shorts during the cold, winter months is a no-go. Maybe you are thinking that booty shorts are so cute and stylish, but they can only be worn during the warm months of the year. It’s possible you bought booty shorts in the summer and you absolutely love them. Now, the weather is getting colder and you are sad that your window of wearing booty shorts is quickly closing. Well, it doesn’t have to. You can totally make your booty shorts year round apparel so you don’t have to put your most favorite and most comfortable shorts away for several months. It’s time you learn how to style your booty shorts for the winter so you don’t go even a few months of the year deprived of your most prized possession.

As an Undergarment

The first and maybe most obvious way to utilize your booty shorts in the winter time is to wear them as an undergarment. Booty shorts provide more coverage, offering more warmth and coziness through the winter months. You can wear them under jeans, yoga pants, and joggers. You can also wear them under dresses or skirts to offer that coverage and warmth during the breezy winter days. They are perfect as an undergarment because they are not too hot or too cold, giving the perfect balance year round. Because of the material and snug fit, they are not too bulky under clothing where they bunch up and you have to reach in and pull them back down. They also provide the breathability needed for underneath so sweat and moisture can be eliminated keeping you feeling clean and fresh all day long.

To the Gym

It’s January and you have just begun that infamous New Year’s resolution you have been talking about for awhile now. Your goal is to hit the gym three days a week and get that grueling workout in. Booty shorts are a great option for gym apparel year round. If you run hot, match your booty shorts with a cute sports bra and throw on a zip up jacket or crew sweatshirt to wear while warming up after being outside in freezing temperatures. Gone are the days where you had to wear dull colors in the winter. Pick your favorites, and rock those booty shorts whatever time of year you desire.

Cozy by the Fireplace

It’s one of those days in the winter where you just want to cozy up with your significant other next to the crackling fire while sipping a glass of wine or a cup of tea. However, you don’t want to hide your recently shaven legs and the backside you have been working on in the gym for your New Year's resolution. All those squats and lunges just can’t be for nothing. You don’t have to wait until summer to wear your booty shorts and show off your assets that you have been working so hard on. Throw on a cute sweater and a pair of cozy socks and feel sexy in those booty shorts fireside with your lover.

Maybe you're on a ski trip and you want to wear something that you can wear on the slopes under your snow gear and also wear in the cabin without having to change several times a day. Booty shorts are a great option for wearing on the slopes because they are comfortable and flexible for activity, while also being a seamless transition to lounging in front of the wood fire after taking off your snow pants and jacket. Then, if you want to go back out, you just throw your snow gear back on and hit the slopes.

To the Bestie’s House

It’s Friday night and your bestfriend is hosting a movie marathon for the girls. You just got home from work and have your booty shorts on and are ready to relax your way into the weekend. You’re dreading the fact that you should probably change your booty shorts because it’s winter time and it's cold outside. There’s no need to do this to yourself! Throw on a cropped hoodie and grab your favorite candy to take to the movie marathon. Just make sure your cropped hoodie gets slimmer around the waist to emphasize what the booty shorts are doing for your backside. Again, those squats have been working and you got to show off your hard work.

The Key To Wearing Booty Shorts

The key to wearing booty shorts is to make sure they fit right. You don’t want ones that are too tight where everything hangs out. You also don’t want booty shorts that are too loose and saggy in the front and back. When you order online at Culprit Underwear, you can use the size charts provided to make sure you find the most ideal size for you. Just find some measuring tape and measure around your waist and match your waist size with the sizing chart to see what you need. This chart will help you avoid getting the wrong size and regretting it when you try them on and they don’t fit right.

Then, once you find your size, you can sign up for the subscription and have your favs sent to you every one to three months. This is such an easy way to replace your old underwear with underwear you love. The best part is, you receive 25% off every order with a subscription!

Wear Them Year Round

Don’t limit your booty shorts to just some of the months out of the year. That would just be sad that you would deprive the world of your booty shorts because of their forced hibernation. Booty shorts are meant to be a means of expressing yourself all year round and feeling at your best even in the coldest months of the year. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your booty shorts and rock whatever style you desire. The secret to this tactic is confidence. Us women must be proud of our beautiful bodies and show the world some of the best parts of ourselves. And we can do this all year round.

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