There is nothing in the world that can make a day brighter than receiving good vibes from anyone you come into contact with. Good vibes are just gestures, words, or even something as simple as a smile. Good vibes make a person feel great on the inside and there is no better way to make someone's day by emitting good vibrations. Here are a few tips on how to spread the good vibes:

1. Start with yourself.

Give yourself some good vibes every morning! Look in the mirror and say that you are going to own today and that you are all kinds of wonderful! Be kind to yourself. Giving good vibes start with feeling good vibes!

2. Smile.

Like I mentioned before, radiating good vibes with a big smile can make someone's day because it's something that simple says "I'm here, I see you." A smile is, for certain, contagious!!

3. Give a compliment.

This is an important one but it has a rule: make the compliment sincere! If you like their outfit, or their shirt, or maybe you like the way they are wearing their hair today, let them know!! It will make them feel good and they will feel good enough to spread the vibes to someone else!

4. Try to be a good citizen.

Okay, you just fount a $20 bill in the lobby at a hotel, or in a restaurant, or wherever you imagination is going as you read this. What do you do? Be a good citizen, give it to someone of the staff so they can keep it safe for whoever claims it. I know it can be hard sometimes, but doing the right thing is always right! Plus, the universe may put karma in your favor, which is always a plus!

5. Just be kind.

Being kind goes a thousand miles. Whether you are just not participating in a petty argument, or you're just being kind to the classmate you've never even met, being a nice person is always rewarding. If you are nice to someone, there is a 95% chance that they will be nice right back. And if they aren't, that is a personal problem of there's and all you can do is smile and be the bigger person.

Stay kind. Radiate good vibes. And spread love.