Make (The Rest Of) This Year A Devotion To Saying 'Yes' More

Make (The Rest Of) This Year A Devotion To Saying 'Yes' More

Are you living a life you would want to relive?


A friend pointed out to be earlier in the year the idea and concept of saying "yes" more.

For those of you who don't follow along with YouTube or have a desire to watch it, I stumbled across a channel of video makers called the "Yes Theory." Funny enough, I went to talk to my brother about them and he knew all about them to the point where he was wearing one of their merch sweatshirts at the time of our discussion.

Shout out to the idea and message that the "Yes Theory" focuses on and tries to embark.

As a small recap of who they are if you're just clueless, they were basically four strangers who came together as friends about three years ago. Since then they've grown as friends and a YouTube channel promoting the idea of doing what scares you and getting you out of your comfort zone, basically trying to say "YES," more.

Shamelessly, (but not really) I'll admit, it's incredibly easy to binge through their videos and "challenges" they pine for themselves as well as other complete strangers. It's addicting and enticing and inspiring all at the same time.

With that, I've devoted this year to be the year of yes.

And you're probably thinking but it's like, October already? Which, is true duh.

But I've also recently been introduced to the fact that it is never too late to start anything, no matter how big or small.

Dreams and goals and aspirations have no expiration to them.

I've decided to make the rest of the year, the year of saying this. And I type this out as I'm psyching myself out about going to a club meeting on my own because I'm terrified of doing things alone and simply don't know what to expect.

I want you to think of a time or a situation where you didn't do something you were scared to do because of what it is that you were about to do or because of what the potential outcome was going to be. Why didn't you do it?

Growing up we're (well most of us) are taught to always follow your dreams and goals no matter how big or small they may seem. I think to extend that, we should always push to follow dreams out of our comfort zone.

Nothing ever gets done if you're sitting in comfort all the time.

Not to say that you should be driven by anxiety and uncomfortable all the time, but I know for me personally, in those small situations where I did something I was scared of or something that was between an answer of yes or no and I went with yes, I can't even explain the positivity I got out of it.

The idea of saying "yes" to being in an uncomfortable zone is terrifying in its own.

Going back to the "Yes Theory," I feel like I may have mentioned this in a past article, but there's a saying from one of their videos that goes like:

Are you living a life you would want to relive?

And ever since seeing and reading that question, I'm kicking myself every day. Because while I'd like to think, "Yeah, I'm damn well living a good life," which I am, don't get me wrong; but there are so many opportunities I know I've passed up for being scared of the outcome.

I think the reason I'm pushing myself to say yes more towards the rest of this year is that I'm finding myself going into my third year of college absolutely stuck with the fact that I have done minimal things to get involved with my school.

I have friends that are incoming freshman or friends from other schools asking me what clubs I've done or what activities I've done, and I draw a complete blank!

I'm not entirely ashamed to say I haven't done much to be involved with my school, because that's simply not who I am. Even in high school, I was never really someone who would purposely join clubs and teams, but in high school, I felt a sort of happy medium about it.

With this being my third year, I feel at a loss like I'm running out of time for something or anything.

I want to devote the rest of my year to saying "Yes" more, and doing things that I am uncomfortable to do because just think about the possibilities that will come out of it! You don't know what will happen until (unless) you actually try it.

So really, are you living a life you would want to relive? And if not, what are you going to do about it?

Shout out to the "Yes Theory" for the small ounce (but impactful) of inspiration. Check out their channel if you're interested!

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