How to PURGE (I-I Mean "Clean") a Room: 101
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How to PURGE (I-I Mean "Clean") a Room: 101

With these six easy steps, you'll feel purified in no time!

How to PURGE (I-I Mean "Clean") a Room: 101

A clean room is a staple for every home, be it a house or an apartment. The absence of clutter in your private abode provides comfort and relief from the mundane trials and tribulations of everyday life.

With this in mind, here are six steps to clean your room:

1.The Master Plan

To clean a room, everyone needs a good game plan. Determine what your priorities are. Ask yourself: What part of your room do you think is a "mess"? Maybe it's your closet, or your drawers? Identify your emotional baggage and seek a physical solution. As you begin to clean, it's important not to procrastinate. Allowing your baggage to just linger there for another day—or a week, maybe a month, or a year—can prove detrimental to your motivation. This is an extensive learning process about dealing with shit. Attack the clutter ASAP.

2.Excavate Your BBC's

Once you have identified where and when to clean, it's time to get messy. Start by excavating all the places that you deem messy. Take everything out as if you are planning to move out. Everything that accompanies surface area is a candidate. Pull out everything you are physically able to into an open space. Boxes, bags, and containers (BBC) should be the #1 priority, as they are embodiment of "storage." Cardboard boxes seem to be the main culprit of surface-area theft. From there, separate those objects into groups; from clothes to electronics. With this in mind, you are able to identify all materials you possess; which brings us to:

3.Define "Trash"

I'm pretty sure you know what this word means, but think about it. Trash is what separates valuables from garbage. You keep something because you believe it holds worth, whether you use it now, especially if it has sentimental value. But sometimes, we forget about the importance of an item, and just keep it because "we can." This can contribute to your collection of clutter—a.k.a. "trash." By allowing yourself to define what "trash" is, you can and will find it easier to clean out your room.

Throw away things that WILL not matter in the long-run. How much does one thing match to another? The goal is to minimize how much BBC's you have. By minimizing the amount of storage, you have now, the more room you will have later. In fact, if necessary, you could throw away excess BBC's to save space. Discard any useless trinkets or memorability you don't find relevant, such as stuff from grade school and high school. Throw away any old and destroyed articles of clothing. Recycle old papers, and shred those that have your private information on them.

4.Recover the "Goods"

Know that we have identified the trash, it's time to save the "goods" (the valuables). Maybe you don't want to part with your old yearbooks, or that "treasure" you found as a kid while growing up. Or perhaps, it's something that might be useful later down the line, such as plug-ins or a yoga mat. Or, it could be something you're conflicting about throwing away, as it seems valuable to you. In any of these cases, store these somewhere safe and sound, such as your closet. BBC's are useful at this point; to save up space, try putting and sorting your valuables in the same spot for later usage. One thing I'd recommend if you have trouble tossing out things would be placing your debatable materials into a BBC for later, preferably larger than a backpack, but smaller than a bin. You can place them somewhere else until you figure out what you need to trash or keep.

Now, you may come up with something(s) that you may not want to keep, but feel that they have some place elsewhere. For example, you might have an old t-shirt you'd like, but might be too small for you. Try donating them at Goodwill for others in need. Or you may have some old textbooks you have the burden of carrying. Go sell them at a bookstore and get some dough in your pocket. Just make sure they're in good condition before you give them away.

Speaking of getting dough, try investigating every inch of your stuff for some dollars and coins. You never know how much money you could accidentally throw away. Every penny counts towards those bills.


This is the fun part, and must be done in absolute precision. A clean room without clutter is relief. A clean room without dirt is eternal bliss. Start by drenching those sheets and pillow cases into a solution of water, detergent, and softener, and sanitize them in the washer for at least two hours. Now grab your vacuum, press deep into your floor so that every ounce of dirt is siphoned. From under your bed to every tight corner in the room.Take a long sock, pull it over your arm, and scrap every bit of dust scattered on every bit of surface area: from the tables to the walls.

There must be no trace. Everything must be erased.


After you finished tidying up, here comes a bit of feng shui. Try rearranging all of your BBCs in a hidden area so they don't stand out. Maybe change the position of your furniture to create some more space. How about changing the colors and designs of your sheets to make it towards your preference? Sort all of your long wires in your room so they don't get tangled up in the future (extension cords are handy here). Try mixing things up! Whatever it takes to find some serenity in your abode, do what ever fits your preference.

And that's six steps to find the peace in your lovely room. Happy cleaning!

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