Sure, you want to make money this summer. That is your main goal. But that does not mean you should forget about yourself! Here are just a few things you can do to amp up your productivity this summer.

Get creative and learn a new art form

Whether it be an instrument, painting, dancing, or anything else - creativity is important. Summer is a great time to take up a new hobby or explore an old one. Take this time to put thought into your creation.

Learn how to cook

We could all use a couple of lessons. Especially if you are home for the summer, ask your mom or dad to give you some pointers or their favorite recipes. Adult life is right around the corner, so it's important you get the gist of cooking before you're out of meal swipes and having to fend for your own.

Immerse yourself in a new, unfamiliar culture

Especially if you live near a city, there are always cultural events happening. Look into new restaurants and workshops and festivals you can visit to broaden your horizons. If you're from Pittsburgh like me, the summer is chalked full of amazing festivals like Three Rivers Arts Festival, Little Italy Days, and PrideFest!

Meet with professionals in fields you are interested in.

This is an awesome opportunity to take advantage of while you have a more free schedule. With a friendly and appropriate phone call or email, just about anyone will be willing to meet with you to talk about their job. Seriously, people love talking about themselves, so they will be flattered that you are interested in their specific career. This opportunity is great because you can get an inside look and some guidance for your own path, as well as a new connection.

Perfect your self care regime

College is stressful. Sometimes, I just slab on a face mask and hope it will cure all of my problems. This summer is the perfect time to finally figure out what works for you and get in the habit of practicing your new regime. Try new skincare routines. Spice up your shower routine. Maybe change what you do to fall asleep? These are all great things to explore and tailor for your individual needs.

Update your resume, LinkedIn, etc.

You probably haven't touched any of your work documents since you last applied for a job. With more time in the summer, you can update and enhance your professional profile. Take time to clean out your resume and LinkedIn. Make new connections on LinkedIn. Go get new headshots. There are many things you can work on this summer to boost yourself as a potential candidate.

Clean out your room and sell anything you don't need anymore.

We all hold on to things way longer than we should. Stop lying to yourself about needing clothes you haven't worn in years and get to cleaning! Once you've decided what will stay and what will go, then decide what you will donate and what you will sell. It is amazing - what you might consider trash can be someone else's new favorite item!

Explore your hometown and find its most promising spots.

You might think you know your hometown like the back of your hand, but a lot can change while you're away at school. Go exploring and see what you can find! There are so many restaurants that I bet you never dared to try that will end up being your go-to summer spot.