It is never too early to think about your future. It may get scary and it may be a pain to think about, but the future is coming at us at lightning speed, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Of course, that is not to say to only think about the future. In fact, only ever looking forward can be just as bad as looking back. It is imperative to strike a balance between present and future so you can not only looking forward to the latter but also be prepared. Speaking of which, here are a couple simple ways to not lose sleep over your future.

1) It will be okay.

This saying is trite but only because it's true. Things may be rough now, but it will be okay. Sometimes, you have to get in the habit of telling yourself that the future will be okay because otherwise, you can trick yourself into believing that it's not.

2) Focus.

Focus on your homework when you're doing your homework; focus on your studying when you're studying; focus on having fun when you're with friends; focus, focus, focus. Society has become so multitasked that to not do so yourself is like not being a "good person." News flash: multitasking is not all that great.

3) Get rid of toxicity.

Turn the television off, hide your phone (shocking, yes, but do it at least once), drop toxic friends...there are so many toxic things in your life that you may not even know of, but just know that your gut is always right.

4) Self-love.

Love yourself! This demand is easier said than done, yes, but that's because society makes it so hard to do so. Love yourself and compliment yourself from time to time. Better yet, smile at yourself in the mirror before you leave for classes or work. All these actions may sound trivial, but it will make you confident...

5) Laugh.

Laughing looks just as good as it feels. So laugh. Laugh at yourself, laugh with others, laugh, and get into the zone of allowing yourself to be happy. Even if you force yourself to laugh, laughing is infectious and sooner or later, you will laugh for real.

6) Make mistakes.

Seriously, make them. Better yet, laugh them off and learn from them. Mistakes allow you to understand another part of yourself that you hadn't known before. Everyone makes mistakes, so don't you dare feel regretful or embarrassed when you do.

7) Set goals.

Don't set super high ones because you will always end up disappointed. Rather, set small goals: if you're someone who always skips breakfast, perhaps set a goal to eat breakfast for the next week. Later on, you can set higher goals, ones that make you excited for both the present and the future.

8) Have faith.

In this situation, faith does not necessarily mean religion (however, it can). Instead, have faith in yourself: have faith that you can overcome any kind of obstacle, have faith that you will work your hardest, have faith that you will learn from your mistakes, and most importantly: have faith that you are worthy.