How To Make Hemp Flower Tea?
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How To Make Hemp Flower Tea?

The history of Hemp flower tea is quite interesting. However, tea has gained a lot of limelight in recent years.

Flower Tea

Tea is one of the most preferred drinks worldwide. Tea drinkers love the drink for its refreshing taste and aroma. Retiring with a cup of non-caffeinated tea would any day be rejuvenating than coffee. So people choose it often to relax and unwind after a long day. What if you could make your cup of tea more therapeutic by adding an element of a herbal compound to it? That is why herbal teas are a hot favorite among people who want to sip in a low-calorie beverage.

Why Hemp Flower Tea

But its use dates back to ancient Chinese traditions, where it was a common remedy to treat general pain and anxiety. The concoction's therapeutic potential remains the same, but now there is much scientific evidence to justify it. The healing properties of a hemp flower usually come from the phytocannabinoid CBD in it.

Interestingly, much scientific research approves CBD as a modulator to the innate endocannabinoid system responsible for governing functions like mood, sleep, appetite, stress, etc. In short, CBD can stimulate these functions in the human body to adjust better to the environment. So, if you feel stressed after a tough day at work, a cup of hemp flower tea can help you feel better. Making hemp tea might be a little tricky. Although it is not much work, it requires a process to follow. In this step-by-step guide, learn how to make hemp flower tea.

Step 1- Get The Right Product

There are a few ways to prepare hemp tea. You can get hemp-infused oil from the market and cut the process short but making it from scratch has its advantages. You can pick hemp flowers from trusted sources like Daily Marijuana and enjoy your cup without preservatives and additives. Also, it promises authenticity and the correct CBD-THC ratio, unlike store-bought CBD butter and CBD oils, which are subjected to adulteration. The CBD ratio in hemp flowers can impart a soothing feeling, while the high THC levels can make you euphoric.

Remember, the leaves and the stalk of the hemp plant do not contain much CBD. So the first rule to making great hemp flower tea is to pick the right flower or nugs. While making your pick, ensure checking the THC percentage. It should not be greater than 0.3%, avoid any legal complications in places where recreational uses of marijuana are prohibited.

Step 2 - Grind The Flowers To Right Consistency

For a delightful experience, it is advisable to grind the flowers to granular tea-like consistency. You can use a grinder to do so or some knife skills if you can chop it finely. Ensure to grind for a few seconds at a low speed. You can measure the correct thickness depending on the weep holes in your filter. It should be thick enough to stay in your strainer for the best steep.

Step 3 - Put Water On a Boil

Do you know that the chances of getting any benefits from a hemp flower are negligible if you do not heat it? Hemp flowers require heat to undergo decarboxylation, i.e., the process of converting CBDA to CBD. Without heat, it won't release any therapeutic benefits. That is why eating raw flowers or leaves would not bring any effects.

Like traditional teas, now is the time to put your kettle on the stove and allow the water to boil. Meanwhile, you can set your cup by placing ground flowers in a strainer. For an aromatic experience, you can place a teabag in your cup.

Once water is boiling, carefully pour into the cup and let it steep well.

Step 4 - Put Some Fats

The bioavailability of CBD has always been a concern. All cannabis seeds and flowers are decarboxylated in the presence of fats to increase bioavailability. That is why cannabis oil and tinctures are a stable form to add to your diet. So to make your hemp tea better, add full-fat milk. You can also choose coconut milk as a vegan option. Stir it a bit, and your delicious hemp tea is ready. Sip and relax into it.

The Bottom Line

The absorption of Hemp flower tea in your system is somewhat similar to edibles. It goes through the process of digestion before getting absorbed into your bloodstream. Therefore its kick-in time is more than traditional methods like dabbing or vaping. However, the bright side is that the release of CBD is consistent and for a longer duration. Hemp flower tea can be your ideal way to kick afternoon boredom or to enjoy it at a later hour. Touted as a relaxant, you can drink it as an appetizer as well.

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