How To Find Your Car in Robertshaw
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How To Find Your Car in Robertshaw

You can't.

How To Find Your Car in Robertshaw

If you live on campus, or even if you live off campus, you've probably been to Robertshaw at least once in your college career. Whether your car is there, or you get rides to Walmart from your friends, you have also most likely experienced the thrill that is finding your car once you get to Robertshaw. Here is an honest and accurate guide to help you find your car in the quickest way possible.

1. Get to Robertshaw.

Depending on where on or off campus you live, you have two options to get yourself to Robertshaw in the first place: walk or take the bus. If you don't live too far away, have the time to walk (at least 15 minutes) and the weather is nice, walking may not be a bad option for you. But it's very hard to have all three of those things at the same time, and often times, it's much easier to take the bus once you get the hang of its schedule.

Tip: I have found that the bus usually gets to its stops 3 to 5 minutes after it is scheduled to.

2. Try to remember which side of the parking lot your car is in.

Is it in the smaller area closer to the road leading back to campus? Or is it in the vast, car-filled landscape that is the other half of the parking lot? When was the last time you even used your car? Try remembering where you parked when you came back last.

Tip: Having a colorful or easily recognizable antenna topper on your car can make it easier to spot.

3. Find your car.

Now comes the hard part: actually finding your car. If you remembered that your car is in the smaller half of Robertshaw, congrats. Finding your car should not be difficult if you can remember roughly where your car is parked. Even if you can't, walking up and down the aisles doesn't take too long and you should be good to go.

If you think your car is in the larger section of Robertshaw, good luck. Begin by digging deep into your brain to remember what row your car is in. With enough thinking, you realize that your car is somewhere around row 11.

Tip: Always take a friend with you and ask them to remember where your car is.

4. Go to the row your car is in.

Look all up and down the row. Wait, where's your car? You remembered it was in row 11, you swear! You look in rows 10-12 just to be sure you just didn't look at the wrong row marker. Your car is not in sight. The only logical thing to do here is...

5. Go to the row your car is in... on the other side of the bigger part of the lot.

The larger side of Robertshaw is divided in two by a road. You think to yourself, "maybe it really is in row 11, but it's on the other side of the road." You go to the other side of row 11. You go up and down the row, and you see a car very similar to yours. Your heart skips a little beat and you go up to it, only to realize it's from a totally different state and your heart sinks back into your stomach.

Tip: If you have a panic button on your key, it may be a good time to use it because the next step is...

6. Panic.

You swear this is where your car was. You are 100 percent sure. Now, the thoughts of panic begin to race into your mind. Did your car get towed for some reason? Was it stolen? How do you even hot wire a car anyway? What are your parents going to do when they find out you lost your car? How the hell do you lose a car?! Your heart is racing a mile a minute, thinking of all the possibilities when...

7. You remember that your car is really in the smaller half of Robertshaw.

This is where you thought your car was parked- and it was- when you went out on Monday, but you forgot that when you went out on Tuesday, you parked your car in the smaller part of Robertshaw. You disappointedly sulk back over to the other end of the lot, and you now remember exactly where your car is.

8. Congrats! You've finally found your car!

Now let's hope it actually starts. If you haven't used it in a while, it may need jumped. But how to jump a car is a different story...

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