How to Boost Your Productivity Throughout the Day
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How to Boost Your Productivity Throughout the Day

Whether you work from home or at an office, there always seems to be a better way to be more efficient and productive during the work day.

How to Boost Your Productivity Throughout the Day


Whether you work from home or at an office, there always seems to be a better way to be more efficient and productive during the work day. Sometimes we need a boost from a caffeine patch to get us going or need to eliminate the noise from the outside world that keeps popping up on our phones while we work. Being productive can be hard, but luckily, we have some tips to boost your productivity throughout the day so you can make the most out of your efforts.

Get Up Early

While getting the proper amount of sleep every night will make your feel energized in the morning, getting up at 5:00 AM can help you have a boost in your day. Plenty of studies have shown that waking up around this time can give you the uninterrupted time you need to focus on yourself, exercise, have breakfast, and ultimately, feel happy before you start your work day. Squeezing in an extra couple of hours in the morning time can make you feel more productive during the day and prevent you from grasping at your last bits of energy for a late-night jog you’d rather not do.

Use Caffeine

A big factor in feeling productive is our old friend caffeine. Some people like tea while others prefer coffee; each taste great and can be enjoyed hot or cold, but another option is a caffeine patch. These handy patches can be placed on your wrist to allow the release of B12, caffeine, and green tea extract that can keep you attentive for up to 12 hours. Caffeine boosts brain function, energy levels, and can make you feel motivated to finish that big project at work earlier than anticipated.

Make a To-Do List

Having a daily or weekly to-do list can help you better organize your day so that you’re not left scrambling or using excess brain power to remember what you need to do. Of course, you’ll want to only list important tasks. Whether you prefer keeping your list in a notebook or on a digital screen, it’s helpful to have a reference point where you can check off each item, both big and small. These satisfying wins will help fuel your motivation to keep going!

Take Small Breaks

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to be more productive during the day is to take frequent small breaks. A 10- to 15-minute break throughout your day may be exactly what you need when you’re feeling overwhelmed or out of creative ideas. Take a break to step away from work and go for a short walk, grab a snack, meditate, or pet your dog; all of these things will help rejuvenate you when returning to your desk.

Stop Multitasking

Trying to get multiple things done at one time is actually counterproductive, as you tend to only focus on each task with minimal effort. Whatever you’re doing, break it down step by step and handle each task accordingly; this ensures a higher standard of work, and you might learn to be more efficient as you get things done faster.

Set a Time to Check Emails

Emails can become more of a timesuck than a way to communicate. Reading emails takes time, and when they pop up in the middle of a task, they become a huge distraction, which is why scheduling time blocks during your day to answer them is the way to go. Try resisting the urge to read emails first thing in the morning, schedule a time mid-morning or after lunch to build tasks off of emails, and respond as needed. Turning off email notifications during the times that are not designated to check them will help ward off this major distraction.

Listen to Music or Podcasts

Music can alter moods, and when you’re looking to feel motivated, a playlist of up-tempo music can help as much as that chill studying mix you like when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Help adjust your mood by playing some background music; go for something with minimal lyrics so you’re not necessarily focusing on words while replying to your co-workers. Instead, keep the volume relatively low and play what you enjoy. Podcasts are another great work companion, they help you learn about something you’re interested in and provide an escape from distracting noise you don’t want in your day.

The 80/20 Rule

They say that 20% of what you do produces 80% of the results you see. In your daily life, you’ll want to figure out what tasks are important and focus on those as the 20% that actually shapes the results you’re seeking.. By eliminating the 80% of fluff from your work, you’ll become more efficient, giving time back to yourself each day.

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