A sales associate's job is not as easy as people think, since there are a ton of obstacles in the way to make the shift better. One of the hurdles we face is rude customers, and quite frankly I’ve been having a lot of mean ones more than nice ones lately. In order to not be a rude customer never do these things, and you will find sales associates nicer to you in turn:

Get off your cell phone when talking to a sales associate. It’s rude, and if I see someone on a cell I don’t want to interrupt them; I was taught never to interrupt people having a conversation on the phone. I also find it rude as if you don’t think we are important enough to be paid attention to. At least finish it then ask for help.

Clean up after yourself if you try on shoes. I get it you think a sales associate's job is to clean up after people, it’s not. It’s to help you find what you were looking for, and I was taught to clean up after myself.

Don’t ask us where a department is if there are signs hanging up on the wall. There are countless times where a person could have looked up to see the department that they were looking for is right in front of them.

Don’t ask if this is the price when it’s obviously is, and if the price said $5.00 right on there with a sticker then it’s the price and if it rings up differently then get a customer service person and tell them. Don’t yell at the sales associate since they don’t have control over the price.

If we say hi and talk to you then be nice back to us. Never ignore us and don’t be rude if all we are trying to ask you is if you need help.

Don’t leave your trash on the shelves since it’s rude as well, and throw it away in the trash can or at least ask someone where one is.

Never treat the sales person like they are stupid since some of them are smarter than you think. It’s really rude when you say item and don’t talk directly to me at all. Be nice, and say excuse me. One lady thought she had to repeat to me twice like she thought I was stupid when all she had to do was talk to me directly and not like I was a piece of furniture.

When you need help in an area don’t stand there, and complain about not being helped. Talk to someone, or better yet look around and don’t yell for someone especially if they can hear you. Twice I’ve had customers yelling about needing help when I was right there…Treat us like people and not like dogs.

Never whistle, beckon with your finger, or snap at me when you need help. It’s rude and sales associates are not dogs.

There are more, but these are some of the things you need to do in order to not be a rude customer….