How My Moment of Panic Led To An Internship And Meeting A Celebrity
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How My Moment of Panic Led To An Internship And Meeting A Celebrity

I met Miranda Shaw from ABC's "Quantico."

How My Moment of Panic Led To An Internship And Meeting A Celebrity
Reuters and Daily Mail

When I entered into my senior year of college I panicked. I was nowhere near as prepared as anyone else that I had talked too. Everyone who I had talked to in class was on their second or third internship, and I had spent all of my time as a sales associate at Victoria's Secret before moving on to an administrative assistant position at an accounting firm. I had spent the last three and half years working in jobs that had absolutely no connection to the field I wanted to be in after graduation.

In my normal obsessive fashion I couldn't let the internship idea go. I quickly did research. I wanted something. I wanted to work in the field of communication and public relations. I wanted to know if I had just wasted the last three and half years of my life in a career I didn't even love.

Eventually I found this.

It seemed perfect for me since I was keeping my job at the accounting firm. So I contacted Perfect Pitch Media Group and found out that not only would I be working for a small firm, but I would also be working for a Kennesaw professor and former CNN executive producer.

Within six months I was running accounts and learning the ins and outs of public relations. I had been assigned to an account for attorney Carlos Moore out of Mississippi. He was at the time filing a lawsuit against the state of Mississippi and Governor Bryant for the state flag still having the confederate flag featured on the state flag. In his research on the topic, an actress has come across his radar. An actress that had used her platform and her fame to bring attention to the same issue he was fighting, Aunjanue Ellis. Most people know her from her roles in The Help, Birth of a Nation, "Quantico" and many other notable films and television shows. She had recently made the news for the essay she penned for Time magazine and a dress she wore for NAACP Awards show.

It was my job to find her. After a week of looking and begging publicists and managers for contact information, I had a hit. ABC's publicist's for "Quantico" finally emailed me back with contact information for Aunjanue's manager who is also her sister. With one simple email, one of the most amazing work experiences of my life happened. I spent the next two months coordinating between Carlos and Aunjanue along with others like U.S. Representative Bennie Thompson, Rapper and Activist Genesis Be and many others. Hundreds of phone calls and emails later Aunjanue and Carlos had planned the "Take It Down Rally" in DC to bring attention to the confederate flag being flown in Mississippi.

We flew to DC to meet with everyone getting ready for the rally that was held on Capitol Hill. The entire experience of running from one studio to the next with Aunjanue and Genesis was amazing. They appeared on "The Roland Martin Show" and ABC7 DC. At the actual rally, we had major new sources there from News One to USA Today. A major experience for a communication major that a year ago had zero experience in the field.

The experience itself was overwhelming. I had no clue what to expect when I met Aunjanue. I loved "Quantico" and had been watching the show since it came on ABC. I was blown away by her passion, her integrity, and her overall kindness. She offered me the opportunity to interview her for a class assignment.

"The MS state flag with its use of the confederate flag and the flag of the KKK--says unequivocally that my life is worth nothing more than chattel," said Aunjanue Ellis. "And moreover, it has been and is used as a marching order to kill and destroy American citizens."

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