Airport Terminals With Loads Of Flavor
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Terminal Filled With Flavor

Sometimes a great experience can turn up in the least likely of places, like an Airport.

Terminal Filled With Flavor
Photo by Andrew R. McKinley

It is not uncommon to find new and unique things when traveling. Beautiful scenery, interesting people, histories, unique artwork, even food. Now, I am not the most explored when it comes to international or even national travel, but I have done my fair share. I just recently returned from visiting the state of Arkansas. It had it's share of unique food, culture, art, you if have a chance visit Northern Little Rock and explore the River Market, you won't regret it. But it was during the return from this trip that I found something I wanted to share with you. What I found, was good food and a unique atmosphere. You might be thinking this is a cultural restaurant in Arkansas. I hate to disappoint, if you even were. Instead I found this little place in the airport. Yes, that's right, I found a unique little place at the airport. I fell for paying the inflated airport prices people! I had a layover in Houston Texas, George Bush intercontinental airport on my way home.

If you haven't had a layover or given it much thought when traveling through the airport. Next chance, get there a little early, check in, get through security, and take some time to explore the airport. Often times they are basic, the book store, electronics, various restaurants and lounges, and so forth. Some of the larger ones have artwork and sculptures which are interesting to see. Maybe your traveling with kids? Some of these airports have play areas for little kids, perhaps just as sanitary as a McDonalds Play-Place but, still there's an option for the little ones. And here and there you may find a non-chain restaurant, or business that is very unique. This was one of those times. There I was making my way to my terminal, I like to go straight to the terminal for my next flight, that way I know exactly where it is before I go off and explore. There I was, walking through terminal C, making my way, to Gate 37 when, just to my right I spotted a place I had never seen before. Just past gate 33, The H Burger Bar.

This place was so interesting, I stopped where I was to check it out before I continued to my gate. I obviously came back and sat down. You sit in a fixed to the floor bar stool, at a white counter, which convinityly has two outlets and two USB ports for your charging convenience. Additionally, each seat has its own IPad. That's right, an IPad. Here is where you can scroll through the menu, perhaps you want a drink? On the wall behind the bar is a large variety of Whiskey's and Spirits. There's food, which, is rather reasonably priced in my opinion for airport food. On this IPad, you will make your food or drink selection, it will also give you options to custom the order or leave comments for your order.

These items it adds to the icon in the bottom right, labeled Your Check. Once you have completed your selection, click on Your Check make sure its correct, add a tip or don't and pay. It might be a bit strange to pay fo your food prior to receiving it, but trust me it will be worth the new experience. It wasn't 15 minutes before I received my order. Which was: Coconut Oolong Tea (Super Delicious) and the Turkey Burger with goat cheese, arugula, tomato, a roasted garlic vinaigrette, and a brioche bun. It also normally comes with a red onion but i left a comment to keep that off the burger due to my food allergy. The tea was wonderfully relaxing, for $4.00 I received my own little tea-pot and cup, which left me with three cups of tea. The burger was so juicy and flavorful. For the $13.00, it cost it was sure worth it. Next time I find myself in the George Bush Intercontinental airport, you can bet you'll be able to find me paying a visit to the H Burger Bar, especially if I am in terminal C.

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