12 Reasons Every Family Needs A Hound
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12 Reasons Every Family Needs A Hound

There are seriously very few things on this earth more pure than the love a hound has for his master

12 Reasons Every Family Needs A Hound

When most people are thinking about bringing a new furry friend home to the family, immediately their minds go to the basic retrievers, the labradors, and the oh so popular designer doodles. Even pit bulls are starting to regain popularity.

Now I am a lover of all dog breeds, but I swear on everything I love, people severely underestimate the experience of owning a hound dog.

1. The Ears

OH, I could go on and on about how much I love my sweet girl's ears. A Hound's ears are one of the softest things on this earth and you will spend hours just running your fingers over them during cuddle sessions on the couch.

2. Their Energy

Not a couch potato? Hounds are the perfect dogs for people who are always on the go for a new adventure. Their sturdy bodies are ideal for long hikes and they were bred with tireless energy so they are always bound to keep up with you.

3. Their Singing

I took my Hound to the dog park one day while she was in a particularly howling mood and a man told me that it is a common misconception that Hounds will howl, they are in fact, singing. Hounds were bred with vocal chords that howl or bay, so you will not have a yappy bark filling your home. Instead you get soulful singing, all free of charge!

4. Their Loyalty

If you're looking for a dog that will go to the ends of the earth for you, look no farther than a Hound. Hounds were made to love you, they do whatever it is to please you and make sure their human is well taken care of. Hounds are actually known to sulk when they feel like they displeased you or just haven't seen you for a while.

5. Their Beauty

From tri-colors to ticking, Hounds come in all shapes and sizes with no clear winner on who is the best in show. Probably because all Hounds are beautiful.

6. The Variety

Want a Hound but not a full blown hunting machine? Try a beagle or a basset. Want something bigger? Try a plott or a tree-walker. There are so many breeds, and that's not even counting mixes, in the Hound family that you are sure to find the perfect fit.

7. They are smart

It may be a blessing or a curse, but Hounds are one of the smartest dogs around that can be trained to do pretty much anything. For years they have been bred to be able to learn how to be the best hunting companions, which they still do quickly and effectively. Or, they use that smarts to escape from yards, find food pretty much everywhere and basically takeover your home in the most adorable way possible.

8. ...while still being a typical dog

They may be smart, but even Hounds have their moments. When they're off duty, you can usually find a Hound lounging around in any comfortable spot in the sun or being a complete goofball with their toys.

9. They're pretty unique

Unless you're in a southern state, most people out of that region have yet to realize how great having a Hound is. When I bring mine back home to New York, he's a great conversation starter because of his coat and floppy ears that people just fall in love with him.

10. They are the perfect family dog

All dogs are great family dogs, but Hounds are instinctively extremely over protective of their pack that they make a great addition to every family. In addition to their sweet nature, they are patient but hyper active enough to engage with any toddler.

11. Their devotion

I've said it before, but there are seriously very few things on this earth more pure than the love a hound has for his master. Even the tiniest Beagle will defend his human by any means necessary. They see you as just another one of their pack to love and to honor for the rest of their days.

12. Have I mentioned the ears?

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