10 Things I'd Rather Be Doing At Home On The Navajo Rez In The Fall
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10 Things I'd Rather Be Doing At Home On The Navajo Rez In The Fall

I always miss home the most during the fall season.

10 Things I'd Rather Be Doing At Home On The Navajo Rez In The Fall

I always miss home the most during the fall season. In the midst of midterms, cramming, and homesickness - I'd rather be there more than anything.

1. Fair season

Honestly, I'll be the first to admit it - the fair can be fun. I miss the chaos of parking and saving spaces for the parade. I miss packing the truck with strollers, umbrellas, blankets, and making sure everyone had cash, not card. I miss the songs and dances, powwows, rodeos, and different events happening all at once. I miss the carnival lights and still being able to look up from the rides to see a sky full of stars and everywhere occupied by Navajos.

2. Pumpkin picking

Pumpkin picking is an all-time favorite! It can be done with friends and family. There's just something about spending outside in the crisp fresh air and surrounded by the huge variety of pumpkins: short, small, textured, differently colored, huge stems, heavy, gigantic, the list goes on - simply beautiful.

3. Yei bi chei

This is a Navajo thing. When the yeiis come out and you see their cedar branches, masks, and body paint, there's two reactions - fear (all the kiddos cling to bima) or you go to them for blessings. It's so heartwarming to see them out in public and humbling to see a sacred part of our culture physically embodied.

4. Steamed corn

Yo, this stuff is addicting. I LOVE FRESH STEAMED CORN. Mmm! There's just something about getting it right off the grill and peeling the singed ears off into that first bite of sweet yumminess. Brings back so many happy childhood memories of fall.

5. Pinon picking

If you don't take your old pickup truck into the mountains to get on your knees in the forest to find these babies, you got a dealer, right? With the pint, quart, and gallon sized zip lock bags full of roasted pinons. You have to hide your share from EVERYONE. If steamed corn is addicting, this stuff will have you hiding pinons in class and work. NO sharing.

6. Harvesting the corn

Picking corn and getting yelled at by grandma when you almost pick one that isn't ripe enough yet. Yet, you don't mind. It's a blessing to be able to pick corn with your grandparents and close family.

7. Sunsets & sunrises

This is an all-time favorite a lot of people. The unique landscape and ability to see for miles will take anyone's breath away. The way the sky lights up with all colors and decorated by the clouds... it's almost as if it's the sky's favorite times as well. It almost feels alive. Ugh, imma tear up.

8. Stew & Chilly Weather

Most people love to warm up with a cup of tea or coffee with an over-sized sweater as the season turns chilly. On the Navajo Nation, there's nothing like being outside chopping wood, the kids playing nearby, or feeding the animals then entering the house to feel the heat of the wood stove. Mom or grandma made either mutton stew, posole, or beans with frybread to warm up and feed the whole family. *Cries in Navajo*

9. Cross country meets

My personal favorite was going to state cross country meets. The adrenaline you feel before the gun goes off and the butterflies going nuts inside your stomach. Spectators yelling and cheering while your feet hit the earth - the best feeling ever.

10. Halloween

Of course, Halloween on the Navajo reservation was everyone getting dressed up and piling in the truck bed of an old pickup truck. You go to the NHA housing units, teacher housing, and the hospital housing for good candy. You go far because your nearest neighbor was probably miles away in the boonies and a dirt road.

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