Underrated holidays of April 2019
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Holidays That Need More Recognition: April Edition!

A late, but still relevant cornucopia of holidays that need more celebration in April!

Holidays That Need More Recognition: April Edition!

I love finding new holidays, and more reasons to celebrate! Though this month's version doesn't have that many serious holidays, there are a few that can help bring back a sense of unity in many of us. Besides, we all need to let loose a little more, and act a little silly. It boosts creativity, and could pull someone out of the funk that they've been sinking into. Maybe your celebration of one of the holidays could make someone smile on the day!

National Siblings Day: April 10

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Many people have a sibling or two. I...have eleven, no joke. With that many kids in a family, one can get disconnected, or wrapped up in the little arguments that happen daily. National Siblings Day is a great way to reconnect with one another, and show your siblings how much you love and appreciate them!

National High Five Day: April 18

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High fives are a fun and pretty universal way of congratulating someone, whether the accomplishment is the best roast "ever", or something as big as getting over the mountain of work that used to be sitting on their desk. April 18th is the day to give everyone around you high fives. collect as many high fives as you can today!

National Cheese Ball Day: April 19

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I've found that most people have a pretty strong opinion about cheese balls. I feel like they're either hated or loved. I, strangely, am one of the outliers, and I don't have a strong opinion on them. SOmetimes I like them, other times I don't. Still, you can be sure I'll be eating them on the 19th!

National Look Alike Day: Also April 20

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If you're friends with your doppelganger let them know about the 20th! Maybe you can celebrate by getting a meal together, or by dressing alike for the day! You could even throw a look alike party, and have guests bring their look alikes, or someone that they get mistaken for all the time.

National Jelly Bean Day: April 22

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I have a brother who is all but obsessed with the little balls of sugar and gelatin. I know how I'll be celebrating! I'll be buying a couple bags of discounted Easter candy, and sharing them with my fam.

National Telephone Day: April 25

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How long do you spend on your phone a day? Apparently the average person spends between five and ten hours a day. That's a ton of time in front of a screen, or talking. Celebrate today by calling up a best friend, or maybe even looking into the interesting history of the telephone!

National Pretzel Day: April 26

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Pretzels have so many different forms, it's hard to find someone who actually doesn't like them. They come chocolate or yogurt dipped, crunchy or soft, large or small, stick, waffle, or loop shaped. There is such variety, you can celebrate by trying a couple different types, or even by dipping or decorating them yourself! My personal favorite is chocolate covered, with the ultimate salty and sweet combination! Have fun and be creative!

National Drug Take-Back Day: April 27

I know, three holidays in a row. I just couldn't give up this holiday, as it's pretty important to the community. National Drug Take-Back Day is all about disposing of any and all expired drugs that may be lying around your house. Whether you had more pills than you needed, or your prescription was ended early, many people have leftover drugs somewhere around. Check out this DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) webpage with helpful tips for disposing of old drugs: https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drug_disposal/index.html

International Dance Day: April 29

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Dancing is universal. Moving to music can be an art form, a mode of entertainment, and even an expression of self. On April 29th, take a chance. If you already dance, find a street corner or hallway and express your country's typical dance form. If you don't dance, sign up for a class, maybe learn a little about another country's dances, and maybe some of the history behind it.

National Honesty Day: April 30

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"Honestly honesty means that much to me!" -Rhett and Link, 2015 (Check out their song if you haven't, yet)

In all seriousness, honesty really is the best policy. Celebrate today by coming clean. If you've been holding in a lot of secrets, or told a few lies recently, let it all off of your chest. It will be hard. It will hurt some people. Understand this. In the end, it will be worth it. Then, do your best to start telling more truths.

April has some great holidays. Though many of them are silly, it's important to let loose sometimes. We can all use a little more smiling and silliness in our daily lives! So take any or many of the above holidays and make someone--or yourself--crack a smile! Celebrate any way that you want, and by letting others know that you're thinking of them!

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