Why I Decided To Call High Point University Home

As a University Ambassador, I know lots of facts and statistics about High Point University. It's my job to know all sorts of things about where I go to school so I can inform prospective students and their families. I could tell you all great facts about HPU and why it is such a great school, but I think it's more important to give you my perspective and the reason why I chose High Point University as my new home.

I could study English almost anywhere, so when I went to visit schools I never had to ask if they offered my major. I did ask what their writing program was like, but most tour guides had no idea because it's not a common major. I went and toured a lot of colleges during my junior year of high school. Spring break was spent visiting a new school each day. I was so burnt out on looking at schools by that point.

At each visit, I tried to keep my eyes from glazing over. It was information overload. My favorite part was checking out the dorm rooms. By the time my junior year in high school ended, I had Queens University at the top of my list. I saw myself at plenty of schools, but I wasn't sure what that "home" feeling was like that my parents kept talking about.

A family friend from my church suggested for us to check out High Point University that following summer. I originally turned my nose up because I was sick of looking at schools. My parents looked it up online and started doing research. I was dragged to the campus in July, the summer before my senior year. One foot on the campus and I had a gut feeling that screamed "home."

No school will ever be perfect, and I hate getting asked the question about what I hate the most about High Point University. It's because I don't have much to complain about. Every student receives "an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people." What more could you ask for?

The one question I love to answer is this: What is your favorite thing about the school? While it may be hard to limit it to just one thing, I do have one thing I value the most at my school: the professors.

I have met very few professors that I don't mesh with. In that case, it's not the person I dislike, but their teaching style. I would gladly converse with any of my past professors, but not every student can learn as well from certain teaching approaches.

At High Point University, students aren't just numbers. My professors, not a teaching assistant or a grad student, teach each class. They know my name. Meeting with professors after class or during office hours is easy to do if you have questions. They want their students to succeed but also be challenged at the same time. The professors at HPU made the difference for me. My adviser has been an awesome resource as well.

I knew I wanted to attend a smaller school. The atmosphere fits me much better. Sometimes I can't believe that I have been blessed enough to attend High Point University. In two years I will graduate, and while I will be excited to receive my diploma and start the next chapter, I will also be sad to say goodbye to such an incredible university. So, when I feel stressed about my schoolwork, I try to take a minute, breathe, and remember to be thankful for the short time I have been granted at HPU.

One last thing is a piece of advice for upcoming seniors in high school. I was so relieved my senior year when I had all my applications for college sent in before school started. It gave me time to focus on my last year of high school and more time to apply for scholarships instead of rushing to apply for college. Set goals for yourself to get applications and scholarships in on time. It will make a huge difference and won't cause you as much stress when being pushed against deadlines. Having to stay home from fun senior year activities would suck if you had to finish applications!

I wish you all the best of luck as you search for your future college home!

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