Abortion and Sex are okay

One thing that will never cease to annoy me, is people thinking they are better than others because they don't have sex. If you don't have sex, that's cool! If you do have sex, that's cool too! Why are we bashing others for choices that have nothing to do with us? Life in college is like gossip town. Everyone hears everything. I believe we need to stop shaming people having sex or girls that get abortions.

The worst part in all of this is that it is majority of women who get shamed. Most men get to walk freely, praised even, for having sex. People see it as a "boys will be boys" mentality. Why should they get to walk around with no backlash, while women are constantly being shamed for doing the same thing they did??

Let's get one thing in our minds, IT IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS! If they want to have sex, let them be! Most of the time it just makes you look bitter if you're not having sex.

Also, abortion is okay! For whatever reason, if a women wants to have an abortion, she should be able to. Dictating other people's lives is not okay. It is okay if you are for or against abortion, but never try to pressure a women into doing something they might not want to do.

Raising a child is hard. People will try to say, "You shouldn't have had sex in the first place", or "Just give it up for adoption". However, these are the same people unwilling to go and adopt a child already in foster care or an orphanage. And people make mistakes. Maybe they didn't mean to get pregnant. Maybe they were abused and got pregnant as a result of that abuse. Maybe they just realized that their life is unstable and they can't afford to have a child. Whatever the case may be, if they want an abortion they should have one.

What is the point of bringing a child into this world if you KNOW that you can't provide for them? There are MILLIONS of children in the foster system and in orphanages all around the world. Some of them have it so bad, they wish that they had never been born. Why leave them to suffer this fate?

For whatever reason the women might have gotten pregnant, her body is her choice. 100% HER CHOICE!

If we let everyone tell women what to do with their bodies, it's like we are turning back time and regressing instead of progressing.

So how about this for an answer; Just mind your own damn business. The day someone asks for your opinion on THEIR body choices, then you make express your honest opinion. Until then, stop trying to shove your opinions down someone else's throat. Sooner or later, someone will get angry enough and won't want to tolerate that kind of backlash from a complete stranger.

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