There are so many reasons to love all animals. But there are an extra few for how much love I have for cats.

Their meows are the best!


They don't meow as loud as dog barks. It's a simple hello or give me some treats. Not too demanding. Mostly cute.

They help with coping and emotions.


Science shows that cats are able to be social supports during stressful times.

Cats are good for your heart.


Science shows that cats help to lower stress levels. They are less likely to cause as much stress as owning a dog because they need less.

They kill bugs.


They will be the number one bug exterminator! They got your back when it comes to the creepy crawlies.

They're low maintenance.


They give themselves baths, they use the litter box and they find entertainment in anything.

They are adorable.


I mean, how can you say no to the meows and the cute wide eyes.

There are countless more reasons to have a cat in your life. Once you find the right one, they'll click and things will be magical. Find a cat, love a cat, and be happy.