“According to the law, almost everything is purified by blood, and without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness.” Hebrews 9:22

Sometimes I wonder how I would have felt at the foot of the cross with Jesus’s blood dripping down on me. What would I be feeling?


An overwhelming sense of hopelessness?

Would I shake my fist at God?

Or would I be numb to it, watching our Savior dying in front of me?

I wonder what the disciples felt.

They had been following this man for years, learning his teachings and watching him perform miracles, offering hope in a world that had forgotten hope existed.

I’m sure the disciples couldn’t wrap their minds around what was happening. It didn’t make any sense to them, watching Jesus on the cross, when just days before they had been praying with him in the garden, but three days later, redemption would be shown.

Those moments in our lives when everything is dark and cold, where nothing makes sense, is what I imagine the disciples feeling as they watched Jesus on the cross.

Comparable to a bitter winter, they felt trapped by the snow and winds, but the harshest winters bring the most beautiful springs.

There is nothing different we could have done to change the outcome because this was the plan all along. I pray the significance of this hasn’t lost its meaning on you: God sent His son to die for us. Because of the red that was bled at the cross, we all are now white.

You see, there is no power on this side of Heaven that is comparable to the blood of Jesus. It does for the believer what no other power can do.