Tuesday night on the After The Final Rose special, Bachelor Nation got to watch an amazing and unexpected ending (or beginning) to Colton and Cassie's love story. We cheered for them and our spirits were lifted when we saw how great they are together. Unfortunately, that happiness didn't last long. Soon after, it was announced that Hannah Brown, otherwise known as "The Beast," would be our new Bachelorette. There are a million reasons as to why she is the wrong choice, but here are just 13 of them.

1. She's only 24 years old.

While I do believe Hannah to be immature, I don't consider age and maturity to go hand in hand, so we'll get to that later. 24 is a really young age to be committed to one person for the rest of your life. There may be 24-year-olds who do feel that they are ready for that "forever" commitment, but more often than not, the person who you are at 24 is not the person that you will be for the rest of your life. Hannah deserves this time to find herself rather than focusing on getting engaged.

2. She needs to be perfect.

As we saw on Hannah's first date with Colton and throughout his season, Hannah puts a lot of pressure on herself to be perfect. Can you imagine how she'll react if she makes a mistake as the lead, or if someone rejects her on her own season? The girl is going to have a nervous breakdown. Her need to put on a perfect image of herself also hinders her true personality from coming through, making it impossible for anyone to know who she truly is.

3. She starts drama. 

While Hannah may blame Caelynn for the tension between them, she's the one who brought attention to it. Hannah told Colton that she and Caelynn had a troubled relationship. Hannah was the first to name call and insult Caelynn. Hannah was the one who couldn't let go of the past. Anytime Caelynn talked about her failed friendship with Hannah, it was because Colton asked about it and she was never cruel like Hannah was. Caelynn was also the person who made an attempt to squash the drama, while it seems that Hannah was happy to let it continue as long as she could keep whispering about Caelynn to the other girls.

4. She growls.

The face that launched a million memes. Hannah often refers to herself as "Hannah Beast," and follows it with a growl. She does this when talking negatively about Caelynn, when participating in dates that are more on the physical side, and when anyone brings up that she had done so in the past. It's annoying, it's unattractive, and it needs to stop.

5. She's not articulate. 

Hannah literally cannot put a full sentence together. She makes up words (befumbled). She gets so nervous that sometimes she even forgets to speak. The only two words the girl can string together are "Roll Tide". Hannah comes across as unintelligent, and I'm not confident that she's going to be able to carry an entire season.

6. She couldn't make a toast with one person.

On Hannah's first date with Colton, he made a toast and asked her to follow it with one of her own. She giggled and tried to beat around the bush for about 90 seconds, claiming that Colton "took her words." She finally managed to spit out some Hallmark-style, generic half sentence, followed by, you guessed it, "Roll Tide". You can chalk this up to nerves, but she could have said something that was more heartfelt or sincere. If she can't make a toast with one person, how is she supposed to make speeches in front of a group for an entire season?

7. Not enough people will be interested in her.

Hannah has a hard time connecting to one person, let alone 25-30. She's not going to be able to give these guys enough incentive to stick around. Honestly, I can picture 75% of her guys leaving on their own.

8. She didn't make it to hometowns.

Usually, the lead of the franchise is someone who made it to Hometown Week on their previous season. This allows the audience to connect with that person deeper, as we get to see their family, their hometown, and their hobbies as well as their day to day life. We didn't get to see that with Hannah as she was eliminated before she got the opportunity to bring Colton home. Not only are we not connected to Hannah or her family, but we also don't know enough about her to care.

9. She would have been more entertaining in Paradise. 

Many contestants who do not win the leads heart or the coveted lead position go onto the spinoff show, Bachelor In Paradise. This allows contestants to make a connection without as much pressure as they feel on the original show. Without that pressure, Hannah might have been able to relax, and maybe she would even be enjoyable to watch. At the very least, it would have been entertaining to watch her freak out whenever a guy didn't want to go on a date with her.

10. She's not a strong female lead.

Bachelorettes in the past have been women that we are able to root for. They are strong, intelligent, and in touch with their emotions. Hannah doesn't fall into that category.

11. There were better options. 

Caelynn, Hannah G., Tayshia, Kristina, and Danielle M. are just a few of the many women I would have enjoyed watching over Hannah B.

She isn't relatable. 

For some reason, Hannah B. fans claim that she'll make a good lead because "she's relatable". This couldn't be further from the truth. Caelynn is relatable because she is kind and honest, and open about her sexual assault, which is something many women can, unfortunately, connect and sympathize with. Hannah G. is relatable because she is sweet and cute, and we saw her get her heart broken. We want to see Hannah G. find love. Tayshia is relatable because she wanted the best for Colton throughout his entire season. She has also been through infidelity and a divorce, so it would have been great to see her get a happy ending. Hannah B. eats bugs and fish eyes to impress men. She is mean and undermining of other women. If that's what relatable is, I don't want any part of it.

13. She's immature. 

To summarize, Hannah B. is a terrible choice for The Bachelorette because she is immature. I can't root for someone who doesn't even know who she is. I can't root for someone who is mean to other women and who can't let go of the past. I can't root for someone who doesn't know how to handle herself in new or uncomfortable situations. Hannah B. has a lot of growing up to do, and national television isn't the place to do it.