9 Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect For Communications Majors
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9 Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect For Communications Majors

Your struggles just got a little bit easier.

9 Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect For Communications Majors

For someone majoring in PR, journalism, communications and film, it can be hard to find a Halloween costume that you like and people know who you are. For criminal justice majors, it's easy. Throw on a cop uniform and people get that you're a cop for Halloween. In the communications field, we don't have a specific dress code except for a dress suit. At a Halloween party, you just look like your over-dressed and people ask the dreaded "What are you?" question, but you're in luck! Here are a few amazing costume ideas you are sure to love.

1. Olivia Pope


To the people who are PR majors and love the show "Scandal"... You're welcome. Olivia Pope is the perfect costume to show off your love of PR and Halloween. In order to pull off this costume, make sure you have a nice pants suit, a fashion trench coat, and straighten your hair with your side bangs flipped. In order to make this a couple's costume, have your significant other dress as the president in a pants suit with an American flag pin!

2. Anchorman Cast 


If you want to go all out with a group costume, the Anchorman cast is perfect for you and your crew! Just find some old bright dress suits, wear some fake mustaches and one person wear a cowboy hat to signify that they're Champ Kind.

3. Any Newsboy from "Newsies"

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This may not be a famous communications costume but hey, the broadway show "Newsies!" was all about the newsboy paper strikes, so it works! To nail this snazzy look, make sure to have some trousers (preferably with suspenders), a vest with a nice button-down, and a Kangol hat. Make sure you carry around a newspaper with you to really sell the look!

5. Rory Gilmore

If you're a fan of the "Gilmore Girls," Rory is the perfect costume for an aspiring young journalist! To nail your favorite Gilmore girl, wear a plaid skirt, knee-high socks, a button down shirt and pull-over vest. Carry around a notebook as well.

6. Carrie Bradshaw

Every blogger's dream would be to dress up as Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City." The only thing you need is some messy curly hair, a puffy tutu skirt, and a pink tank top.

6. Perez Hilton circa 2009

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Anyone dying to be this famous American celebrity blogger? To copy his look from the 2009 AMAs just find a white suit, a platinum blonde wig (and hairspray it into a high quiff) and darken your eyebrows with some makeup.

7. Lois Lane 

Ms. Lane is probably one of the greatest fictional journalists in the entire universe, and one of the easiest to dress up as! Just put on a pencil skirt, a white buttoned-down shirt, high heels, and big glasses. If you want, dress your significant other as Clark Kent and you've got yourself a cute communications couples costume! (try saying that three times fast)

8. Rita Skeeter

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Blend your love of journalism and Harry Potter with dressing up as Rita Skeeter, the witch journalist who specializes in poison-pen stories! (I guess modern day fake new.. who knows?) You can get any green skirt suit and pin fuzzy material to the arms and collar. Also, make sure to get a blonde curly wig, glasses, and a long quail feather to signify Skeete's quail pen.

9. Don Draper

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Calling all advertising majors! If you love mad men, dress up as Don Draper in a snazzy pant suit. Make sure you loosely gel your hair back and carry around a cigarette!

As you start to put together your Halloween costume this year, make sure to keep these communication costumes in mind!

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