Why You Need To Love Hadestown
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Why You Need To Love Hadestown

The Tony Award winning show has re-shaped Broadway in 2019

Why You Need To Love Hadestown

I've been fascinated with Greek Mythology since middle school. From reading class assigned stories to obsessing over Percy Jackson and author Rick Riordan's spin on classic mythology tales.

As avid lover of musical theater, plays, and anything performed on stage, I follow many Broadway themed pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. About two months ago I began seeing clips and photos of a new show, Hadestown.

I ignored the show for a while, scrolling past the fanart and videos, until one day I finally watched a short clip of the song "Wait For Me" with Broadway actor Reeve Carney singing a song brand new to me.

Hooked on that one song, and loving Reeve Carney since his days performing in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, I began to investigate Hadestown and fell in love.

The show is based on the myth of Orpheus and Euridice, two young lovers faced with the complications of the Underworld, also known as Hadestown. The story, narrated by Hermes, takes a unique perspective on the relationship between Hades and Persephone while following the adventure of Orpheus and Euridice.

The staging and design of the show is rustic, industrial, and resembling an old bar. Lighting is in dark greys, reds, yellows, and with rusty scraps of metal forming set pieces. Imagine an old warehouse, or even a mine.

Hermes, Euridice, and OrpheusPlaybill.com

However, through the darkness and depressing moods of Hell, Persephone's lime green dress reminds us of her connection to spring and summer, and the goddess is full of energy and life, while trapped in Hadestown. Orpheus carries a red carnation and brings his singing and emotion wherever he goes. Life is evident in every aspect of this show.

Originally a folk themed album brought to life in 2010, Hadestown has flourished into a unique blend of classic musical theater anthems combined with the funk and fun of New Orleans style rhythm and jazz.

Hades and PersephonePlaybill.com

The show officially got its start off-Broadway in 2016 and this original album can be found on Spotify (trust me…its playlist worthy). Playwright, lyricist, and composer, Anaïs Mitchell developed this beautiful show alongside Rachel Chavkin, bringing the final product to Broadway in 2019.

I became obsessed with the original and current cast of the show and the unique perspectives Amber Gray, Reeve Carney, Eva Noblezada, and Tony award winner, Andre de Shields. I have memorized and sing every lyric of each song, the power and creativity this show possesses is incredible. And I was lucky enough to discover this show just before the 2019 Tony Awards

Hadestown was nominated for 14 Tony's and won eight awards including Scenic Design, Original Score, Direction of a musical, and Best Musical. Clearly, theater lovers, both young and inexperienced (like me), and the old theater critics absolutely adore Hadestown and the story it is able to tell in such a unique way.

The theater may not be everyone's muse, it's a weird cult of people who love acting and singing, but I think anyone can agree the styles and sounds of Hadestown brings such a unique art form to Broadway. The show manages to bring together so many genres of dance and music and art and combine them into a fantastic show that is not only thought-provoking, but fun to watch.

Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media pages have clips, music videos, photos, and so much more to give like me in Ohio a chance to check out the cast and crew of this great show.

I hope everyone has the opportunity to at least listen to the amazing soundtrack including "Living It Up On Top," "Way Down Hadestown," and of course, "Wait For Me." I'm sure the sounds and lyrics of the show will blow you away, evoke strong emotion, and bring back memories of loving Greek Mythology, the same way Hadestown did to me.

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