It's getting closer to summer and I, as an avid gym goer, have noticed it getting busier each time I go. So, I thought I would inform the public of some MAJOR gym faux pas.

1. The "B-O Producer"

I thought we all learned in middle school that deodorant is an ESSENTIAL for hygiene. Well, some people apparently never learned that. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD wear deodorant. Everyone in the gym will thank you later.

2. The "FaceTime chatter"

Okay, I get it, everyone likes to talk. But is it really necessary to show your friends the entire gym? You're there for a short period of time, I think you'll be okay with being on your own for a little. Or, BRING YOUR FRIENDS TO THE GYM!! Then everyone wins


3. The "Weight-Slammer"

You use heavy weights? No way! It's not like we all didn't hear you slam that 150 pound weight down when you really could have just placed it down. No biggie.

4. The "Excessive Mirror-Selfie Snapchatter"

Let me make myself clear, I do Snapchat at the gym. But most of the time it's ugly ass selfies while I'm doing cardio. The mirrors at the gym are for checking your form while lifting heavy weights, not for taking pictures of yourself.

5. The "Bro"

We all know that one guy that comes to the gym with his gallon of water (because he's on some muscle enhancer and he needs to drink a pool of water to stay hydrated) and a cut muscle shirt to show off his huge arms. He's the one that never re-racks his weights and takes forever in between sets to check how many likes he got on his fitness-dedicated Instagram. Honestly, this one doesn't bother me, but please re-rack your weights.

6. The "Cubby standers"

These are the people that stand by the cubbies, checking their phones and doing nothing. If I had a dollar for every time I've had to interrupt a conversation between two people because they're standing in front of my cubby and awkwardly ask for them to move, I'd be able to buy myself a new pair of Lululemon leggings for the gym.

Regardless of all of this, exercise is really important. Starting small with just a few trips to the gym a week can help you sleep better, feel better and overall be happier. Make sure to drink water and consult with a doctor before beginning any serious training regime.

See you at the gym!