Gunman Shot Down After Wounding Three in Main Library at Florida State University
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Gunman Shot Down After Wounding Three in Main Library at Florida State University

Gunman Shot Down After Wounding Three in Main Library at Florida State University
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Reactions of students after being told to seek shelter away from doors and windows due to a ‘dangerous situation.’

Three students were shot around 12:30 a.m. Thursday morning on the first floor of the Strozier Library at Florida State University. Students were told to take shelter away from doors and windows in what was being called a ‘dangerous situation.’ The gunman wounded three students before police took action and shot him down. 

“Everybody was obviously terrified when we didn’t know what was going on. All we knew was what we heard from the students who came running up the stairwell yelling that there was a gun,” said FSU senior, Delbert Infinger, states.

Students who were still in the library were evacuated one floor at a time by the police. Nearby, students waited in a different building to give their information on the incident to authorities. Using the libraries’ intercom system, police told students to remain where they were until a policeman came to get them. Students were also told to immediately call 911 if anyone in close vicinity was hurt or if they saw any firearms. The University sent alerts via email and texts to the student body, staff and faculty.

“I am still shaking,” said FSU sophomore, Courtney Hansen. “The images of running out of the second floor library and running away outside while hearing shots will forever be burned in my mind.”

FSU has roughly 40,000 students enrolled in the university. Strozier Library is the main library on FSU’s campus and is open 24 hours a day. It was especially busy this week as students were preparing for their final exams.

FSU junior, Morgan Lavender, was on the third floor of the five-story library. “I can definitely say that I’ve never seen strangers become family so quickly. People were holding each other crying, shaking, and making that ‘just in case’ phone call.”

Students took to social media: from SnapChat stories from inside the library to sharing their condolences via status updates on Facebook and Twitter.  The crime scene was laden with abandoned backpacks, books, and dropped papers covering the library floor. Photos of students fleeing the scene, dozens of cop cars and caution tape surrounding the area have flooded social media. 

“I think the entire FSU community is trying to make sense of it and despite the danger and severity of the situation.” said FSU senior, Amy Daire. “I don’t think anyone at this school has ever felt more safe, thanks to the Tallahassee and campus police, and more Unconquered, thanks to the unity of the students today.” Classes for Thursday have been cancelled, but the University will remain open.

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