Apologies To The Second Amendment, But Gun Control Has Become A Basic Human Right
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Apologies To The Second Amendment, But Gun Control Has Become A Basic Human Right

Gun control is no longer a political issue, it has now become a necessity.

Apologies To The Second Amendment, But Gun Control Has Become A Basic Human Right
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In the wake of March For Our Lives, gun control is more in the topic of public debate than it ever has been. The topic of gun control is consistently evaluated and discussed in the wake of a mass shooting, but often leaves the public forum as quickly as it appears.

However, this time the discussion about gun control appears to be different. Children are taking matters into their own hands ad are demanding an end to being brutally killed. Children are demanding that we end the cycle of murder that continually occurs in safe spaces and invades children's lives from elementary to high school.

The AR- 15 is a monstrous type of gun, not only does it kill its victims, but it completely annihilates them. It is a gun used solely for the purpose of destroying the victims it is aimed at, and it has been used in various school shootings, including: Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando, and now Parkland.

This gun is still on the market, in fact when one types AR-15 in Google, the first thing that comes up is not its innocent victims or the lives it has destroyed but "AR -15 accessories." This simple google suggested search highlights the problems our culture is facing.

Not only are our guns murdering children, the most innocent of our society, but they are also still being promoted. They are still being honored, still being applauded. They are being hailed as weapons needed for safety, but they are destroying the very civilians they are claiming to keep safe.

The solution to this is NOT bringing more deadly weapons into schools. Teachers do not need to be armed and trained in shooting. The solution to this problem is the rejection of guns, at the very least the AR-15.

The continuity of the AR-15 in senseless murder proves why we must remove this gun from all consumer markets. The availability of this gun has resulted in the death of so many children, and this will continue as long as assault rifles remain on the market.

The March For Our Lives movement is simply calling for children's lives to be taken more seriously than the money received from the purchasing of the AR-15. It is calling for proper gun restriction in order to stop the problem of gun violence that plagues America alone. It is calling for all civilians, politicians, and fellow members of humanity to recognize gun laws should not be a politicized issue.

Children's lives being the top priority in all scenarios should not be a question, it should be a requirement.Children deserve to be taken seriously and children deserve to be safe. America has currently put the second amendment over the lives of its children. It has allowed profits and expenses to devalue the safety of its citizens.

But this must end. Gun laws should no longer be a left or a right issue, they need to be a requirement. The extent of those gun laws can be up for political discussion; however, their existence should no longer be up for debate.

Gun control has now become a requirement to fulfill the human rights of American civilians, and America needs to start taking that seriously.

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