"Close the door! Were you raised in a barn or something?" Yes, yes I was. I lived on a farm for basically my entire life. I just recently moved away from Pennsylvania, but I will forever be grateful that I got to grow up on a farm there.

First things first, there were so many places to run around. Playing outside was the best! My house had fields all around, but our yard was a perfect size and I had a tree house that my dad built with me with his farmer knowledge. I was able to play outside all I wanted without a bunch of cars driving by or random street walkers passing through. It was the life!

With all the land that the farm had, there were all kinds of places to explore. I was able to explore the woods with my family through all sorts of adventures. I got to experience hunting and fishing, like most Pennsylvanians, at my own home! I also can't forget the most important part: cows! We had beef and dairy cows. Thanks to the dairy cows, no store bought milk will ever taste as good. When I was younger I loved seeing all the little baby calves. They were so cute and, as odd as this sounds, they would suck on your hand sometimes which would be even cuter!

For a very, very small time in my life, I would help at the barn. I would scrape cow patties into the gutter because that was basically all I could do at the time. I stopped doing that when I was probably 11 or 12 because I, probably, got really lazy. In conclusion, though, growing up on a farm provided a great childhood for me. I also can always thank the farm for not making me afraid to get my hands dirty figuratively and literally. I may not look the part, you know the typical farm girl, but I'm certainly not grossed out by anything, except people who cheat on their significant other and tomatoes.