When you grow up at the pool, your summers are pretty much the same every year. With this being said though, you truly wouldn't want to be your summers as a child to be anything different. Here are 10 reasons why growing up at the pool is one of the best ways to grow up.

1. The tan.

2. The chlorine "perfume".

3. You always have something to do.

4. When you're a kid, the lifeguards are your idols.

5. ...And because you're there all the time, they know you, which can be pretty cool.

6. It's the cool hangout with all of your friends.

7. You learn how to create your own fun because you just need to be in the water no matter what.

8. You feel like a gymnast or a dancer, even when you're not because of the tricks you do off the diving board.

9. The snack bar. You never realize how exciting it is just just spend one dollar on a piece of candy.

10. When it comes the time and you're no longer a little kid, you now what you want your first job to be.

Sure summer is great and all, but when you're a kid and the thing you look forward to every day is to go to the pool, that's pretty special. You're that kid that's there every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Summer!