Every day I wake up to a new headline. Either someone was kidnapped or someone was killed. Or someone was raped. It just makes me disgusted at how our world is such a violent place. You can't walk out the door without worrying, "Am I going to come home today?" "Will my family be safe?" It's ridiculous. Hate crimes towards the LGBTQ+ community or people of a different race. We are supposed to feel safe. The law is supposed to protect us. Not turn against us. Everyone, no matter race, sexuality, or gender should feel safe. So why don't we?

Is it because of the way people are raised? Is it because people just don't care? Is it because of the way the media portrays people? Either way, everyone should be treated equally and they shouldn't have to worry that one day they won't make it home. I shouldn't have to worry about if my mom gets pulled over, will she come home? I don't want to live scared out of my mind. I've had to grow up so fast in this world and it's a shame that I am scared to take a step anywhere.

I don't want my future kids to feel this way. I don't want them worrying about whether or not their parents will come home. I don't' want them worrying whether or not they'll come home. I want my future kids to be safe. To be able to enjoy the world they live in. I want the violence to stop. I want to enjoy my life. I don't want to be afraid. I don't want my future kids to live in fear. Things need to change. I want to feel safe. The violence needs to stop.