Group chats can be used for a great number of things: school work, subjects, projects, planning. But group chats among friends are the best ones - often being the most amusing ones, too. Here are some of the instances where you are glad you made that messenger group chat years ago.

1. Nicknames 

Most group chats start with the standard name for each member. It becomes particularly more interesting when new names are assigned to each person. From a strange, but entertaining, twist on their name, to ones that are too inappropriate to offer as an example here, group chats start to get interesting with the assignment of nicknames.

2. Unconditional support

Joey and Chandler hugging

We all live in the twentieth century, and most people have access to and are glued to their phones 24/7. We're advised to voice out our problems to others and not just bottle them up inside ourselves—group chats are a particular place to seek support from your closest friends.

3. Continuous spam

Don't get me wrong, getting fifty texts a minute from ten different people can be plenty annoying, but they're mostly amusing when they happen. Spamming on the group chat can be about the stupidest things. From pictures of dogs to rants about problems, catching up with each other, or gossip, there's a lot of substance to amuse you and your friends for hours.

4. All of the memes.

The sending of memes can be an extension of spamming. This can even be really irritating if you don't fancy memes, but I for one love them. There is no beating moments were members of the group chat try to "out meme" each other, sometimes even carrying out entire conversations in memes. This can even turn your crappy day to a slightly better one, as they have done for me countless times.

5. Hyping each other up

There are even the times when you just give each other the hype you deserve. Particularly after sending selfies prior to posting them on social media or going through a decision that you found challenging to take on, you can definitely expect some hyping up from your friends who are ready to boost your confidence.

6. The tea

This might be one of my favorite parts of being in a group chat. As a college student, it's rare to have all your close friends attend the same school as you. Group chats are a great way to catch up with each other and to spill some major tea. Love lives, enemies, and any other of your shenanigans always get unraveled by nosy, tea-loving friends (you still love them).

There are more moments that make group chats memorable. What are your favorites?