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10 Flexible Side Jobs For College Students That ACTUALLY Pay Well

Time to make some cash this summer.


After classes are over (or you just graduated), college students will be looking for a summer job to get some extra money. After paying for rent and tuition, you still want to have money left over to spend on movies, concerts, and gifts for friends. Here are 10 side hustles to help college students gain experience, improve skills, and make additional income this summer before heading back to school or towards a full-time career.

Personal assistant

If you are organized or enjoy building things, this is a great side job. You can perform tasks for other people using Task Rabbit. Here you can search for different activities that you find interesting. Sites like Handy and Amazon also provide opportunities for those that are experienced in construction, interior design, or cleaning. The skills you learned can be added to your resume later.

Dog walker

For those who love animals (particularly dogs), then you might want to check out this job. Apps like Wag allow you to search for places in your area who are looking for a pet sitter or someone to take their best friend(s) for a walk. If customers are happy, you can make it a seasonal or part-time job. Another option is to become a host on Sniffspot. For a few hours monthly, your backyard turns into a playground for dogs. This is a great way to meet dogs (they have to be vaccinated) and people. Unless you are a cat person, hanging out with dogs while getting paid sounds like a fun side job.

Freelance worker

Websites like Upwork or Fiverr are great for those that are interested in looking for jobs as a freelancer. If you have any skills as a mechanic, computer technician, artist, designer, and more, this would be a nice place to start. Doing side gigs is a wonderful idea if you want to share your talent with the community. If anyone would like to become self-employed and make freelancing a full-time job, then here is where you should begin.

Sell your belongings

As a college student, you enjoy going out with friends and buying cool things (not textbook or supplies) like clothes, gadgets, and music. However, there are items that you have but no longer use that either get donated or thrown out. Any old clothes or accessories that you have stuffed in the closet can be sold on eBay or other websites like Poshmark. Try recommending this side hustle to friends that also want to get rid of their unused items.

Event planner

For those who enjoy going to events, this is a fun side job because now you can get paid to arrange them. As a start, you can plan kids' birthday parties for neighbors before moving on to larger events. If you love to meet people, organize, and have an interest in creating events for a social or professional setting, you are guaranteed to love this side hustle.

Review websites or apps

There are sites like Apperwall that pays you to write reviews for a variety of different apps and websites. College students might want to take advantage of this interesting side job. You will have to download and use the apps and then write a brief review. This is a great way to make some extra money while checking out the latest apps.

Become a translator

During your time at college, you will most likely need to learn a foreign language. One of the best ways to practice and show off your skills is becoming a translator for students that want to learn English or another language. Sites like Translators Cafe are a great start, but first, you will need to be tested on your efficiency. With this side hustle, you will meet new people and they will certainly appreciate your help.


If you are experienced in one or more subjects, then becoming a tutor will be a nice job. This is a great way for college students to show off their knowledge of a particular topic while helping other students of different skill levels. Websites like Chegg Tutor are the place to go. Tutors are often paid a lot of money for each gig, so this is an excellent job if you are looking to make a steady income for the summer.

Sell photographs

Everyone loves to take photographs to make memories of vacations or events last forever. If you are looking to collect money from your amazing nature shots, animal photos, or even portraits, then check out Foap. Here you can upload photographs (they have to be good quality) to the site and put them up for sale. You will receive compensation whenever someone visits the site and purchases your photos.


College students who take the time to help shovel their neighbors' driveways (if there is snow) while off during winter break might want to do some additional community service in the summer while getting paid. There are plenty of side hustles that involve mowing lawns, painting houses, or doing carpentry work for money. You can check out more information on sites like Lawn Love. If you have the right equipment, past experience, and enjoy doing community service. this will be the right side hustle for you.

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