Golden Globes—A Recap Into The Disorder
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Golden Globes—A Recap Into The Disorder

it was all glamour, booze, and chaos...

Golden Globes—A Recap Into The Disorder

Apart from the Oscars, the Golden Globes are known to be the most prestigious event of the year when it comes to film and television. This year's Golden Globes were hosted by Ricky Gervais and this particular award show is known for being a little more freelance than most. However, I would name this particular year's Golden Globes as "The Drunkly Disordered Ceremony." These were, perhaps the most bizarre and disorganized Golden Globes in years. However there were moments of absolute realness and other "throwback" moments that left me feeling particularly warm. Lets do a brief recap.

Ricky Gervais—A Monologue

Depending on how much you take get offended by a joke, Ricky certainly made sure to make plenty of jokes in is opening. I must admit that he warned us all ahead to time that NO ONE would be safe from his savage opening. Here's the entire monologue below.


This was so unexpected and so welcomed all at the same time. My little heart nearly exploded at the sight of these two. What made the reunion even that much more incredible is the fact that both of the won Golden Globe that night. I feel like we all died a little at that exact moment.

In That Moment All Latinas Were America and Eva

One of the most rewarding moments of the night was the small skit between Eva Longoria and America Ferrera. They joked around being confused as other Latina actresses when in fact none of the even look that much alike or they fail to pronounce their names correctly. As a Latina, this was such a give back moment and one that I've been waiting for.

Leo vs. Gaga

This is one of those moments that happen by mere accident yet the media can't wait to pounce on. Apparently, Lady Gaga was in some form of a trance after being named the winner of a Golden Globe and didn't see Leo's arm and Leo didn't see her come so there it is guys, it was an accident. The only comical aspect of this moment is Leo's facial expressions.

Jaime Foxx pulled a Steve Harvey

Just when you thought the Miss Universe moment couldn't put to rest, you know the whole let dead dogs lie and all. Now, Jaime decided to pull a Steve Harvey joke while announcing the wrong winner on purpose.

And The Best Joke Goes To...

Aziz Ansari. That's it. That's all you need to know from this year's Golden Globes.

And The Best Speech Goes To...

In the end, it was Leo who the BEST speech of all winners for The Revenant. You should all check it out if you haven't.

All in all, these were the strangest Golden Globes yet and probably the most disorganized. People were not clapping and some were out of their seats by the time commercials ended. The teleprompter stopped working at one point. Absolute chaos. However, I wouldn't miss them for the world. If there is one reaction gif that could encompass my face for the entire night it would be this one of Ridley Scott:

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