God Vs. Science

God Vs. Science

Do I have to pick a side?

As a Veterinary Science major, I have taken many science-related classes in addition to hands-on classes with the animals. Some of these classes include microbiology, animal anatomy and physiology, parasitology and pathology, clinical physiology, the list goes on.

In many of these classes we are taught in-depth material about animals bodies, how they work, all of the chemical make up, and we get an understanding of medicine and how treatment works on the body, and so forth.

Many people could argue that you can’t be fully invested in a major or a career that is so involved in science, and still be a Christian. I would like to challenge that.

Society has created this division between science and religion. They believe these topics are at the two opposite ends of the spectrum. I believe they go hand in hand.

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” Genesis 1:1

God created the earth! And He created everything on the earth according to the Bible. Therefore, everything here on our planet, and in our solar system and the whole universe is God’s. Each and every animal was hand crafted by Him, and when I’m in class learning about all the itty bitty details of the nervous system, seeing how particularly the body is fashioned together, and how very small parts make such huge impacts, my faith isn’t shaken by the vastness of these concepts, but I am left to just sit back in my chair and be in awe of our Creator, and his artwork. Learning in depth details about the scientific side to my major is my own little worship time. It is truly incredible to see God’s work.

You may be sitting at your computer now saying “So what. this means nothing to me.” I want to tell you that God’s glory is all around us. Though we cannot physically see Him, his creation is pointing straight to Him. The well known famous author C.S. Lewis has this beautifully worded quote,

A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word 'darkness' on the walls of his cell.”

What the author is saying here is that God’s glory demands to be here with us. No matter how much you try and block it out of your life, God is on his throne ruling over ALL, all of the time! His creation is the proof, and the truth is, he longs to have relationship with us, each and every one individually and intimately. Science is in no way a barrier for His will, but it is a stepping stone for it. Science is God’s way of showing us His glory and power and in it I find comfort in knowing he holds this world and he holds me together.

In a sermon by Louie Giglio, he explained tiny, beautiful, miraculous discoveries in science, and how God’s work in and of itself is just breath taking and incredible. But at the end of the sermon, he revealed the most amazing bit of science I have ever came across. A microbiologist told Giglio about the protein molecule laminin. It is the molecule in all of our bodies that has the job of holding tissue together. It is what forms our organs and holds our skin in place, and is like the foundation of our bodies. He then showed a picture of the molecular structure of this particular protein, and it is in the perfect shape of the cross that our savior Jesus Christ died on for our sins. What a beautiful sign that He holds each and every one of us together, all the time, for all of our lives. And it’s even biblical!

“He is before all things and in Him all things hold together” Colossians 1:17

God uses science as a window to see just how awesome He is, and just how much he loves us. It is an incredible testimony of His perfect love for all of us, He is just waiting for you to take off the blinds, and see His power and glory in all that he has made for us here in this small life.

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8 Reasons Why My Dad Is the Most Important Man In My Life

Forever my number one guy.

Growing up, there's been one consistent man I can always count on, my father. In any aspect of my life, my dad has always been there, showing me unconditional love and respect every day. No matter what, I know that my dad will always be the most important man in my life for many reasons.

1. He has always been there.

Literally. From the day I was born until today, I have never not been able to count on my dad to be there for me, uplift me and be the best dad he can be.

2. He learned to adapt and suffer through girly trends to make me happy.

I'm sure when my dad was younger and pictured his future, he didn't think about the Barbie pretend pageants, dressing up as a princess, perfecting my pigtails and enduring other countless girly events. My dad never turned me down when I wanted to play a game, no matter what and was always willing to help me pick out cute outfits and do my hair before preschool.

3. He sends the cutest texts.

Random text messages since I have gotten my own cell phone have always come my way from my dad. Those randoms "I love you so much" and "I am so proud of you" never fail to make me smile, and I can always count on my dad for an adorable text message when I'm feeling down.

4. He taught me how to be brave.

When I needed to learn how to swim, he threw me in the pool. When I needed to learn how to ride a bike, he went alongside me and made sure I didn't fall too badly. When I needed to learn how to drive, he was there next to me, making sure I didn't crash.

5. He encourages me to best the best I can be.

My dad sees the best in me, no matter how much I fail. He's always there to support me and turn my failures into successes. He can sit on the phone with me for hours, talking future career stuff and listening to me lay out my future plans and goals. He wants the absolute best for me, and no is never an option, he is always willing to do whatever it takes to get me where I need to be.

6. He gets sentimental way too often, but it's cute.

Whether you're sitting down at the kitchen table, reminiscing about your childhood, or that one song comes on that your dad insists you will dance to together on your wedding day, your dad's emotions often come out in the cutest possible way, forever reminding you how loved you are.

7. He supports you, emotionally and financially.

Need to vent about a guy in your life that isn't treating you well? My dad is there. Need some extra cash to help fund spring break? He's there for that, too.

8. He shows me how I should be treated.

Yes, my dad treats me like a princess, and I don't expect every guy I meet to wait on me hand and foot, but I do expect respect, and that's exactly what my dad showed I deserve. From the way he loves, admires, and respects me, he shows me that there are guys out there who will one day come along and treat me like that. My dad always advises me to not put up with less than I deserve and assures me that the right guy will come along one day.

For these reasons and more, my dad will forever be my No. 1 man. I love you!

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Trying to figure out what to do in life.


I never saw the crossroad

Where I could cross n' roam

Under an arch or dome. [1]

I just kept on the road

That was laid out,

Told to hold out

Till it pays out. [2]

Now I think its too late

Been walking too long,

Classes are all wrong

But masses too strong. [3]

So I follow with my head down

And chest up, succeeding cause

I'm too scared to fuck it up. [4]

But I have a need to lead,

Top-down and gears up

Leaving nothing to the dust.

But if I drop out, I'm a fuck up. [5]

Is it better to live and rust

Or drive till it busts

With trust you can find the way? [6]

[1] - Play on roam/Rome. Starts the poem by expressing the feeling of being trapped in my path in life. I felt like I never got the chance to figure out what I wanted to do.

[2] - I think a lot of it was I was following what people told me I should be doing.

[3] - I have a feeling that it is too late to change my course of life. I'm in a college for business, taking classes about business, and everyone around me wants to do business.

[4] - This is saying that even though I am not passionate about what I am doing I am still trying to succeed only because I'm scared of failing or quitting.

[5] - I want to leave and lead myself, do something where I'm not following but I don't know how to do that. This part starts a car reference, idk I've been watching Formula 1 on Netflix and its dope.

[6] - This is the question I've been asking myself, wondering if I should continue on with my path or follow my passion.

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