The University of Louisville is known for many things, including Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, a place where people come together to celebrate and enjoy all things Cards. But recently, the attachment of Papa John's iconic branding to the stadium has been the subject of controversy.

John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John's, hasn't kept his right-leaning politics a secret. However, what he has managed to keep hidden, until now, is his racist ideology. Reportedly, Schnatter used a racial slur in a conference call in May. His actions are truly atrocious, and while an apology has been issued, apologies aren't enough to remedy the damage that he has caused, both to others and himself.

What at one point was a place for enjoyment and athletics has turned into a blatant slap in the face to African-American fans and students. Aside from the direct impact on those affiliated with the University of Louisville, it shows a pervasive theme of racial injustice that has unfortunately been ingrained in our culture. With the advent of Black Lives Matter and the crisis concerning asylum seekers of Hispanic origin, it shows that while the Civil Rights Era is long over, the fight for rights and respect continues to be a daily struggle for all people of color.

John Schnatter has resigned from the University of Louisville Board of Trustees, as well as from the position of chairman within the Papa John's company. Truthfully, Schnatter is having his just deserts. Following his resignation from Papa John's, shares in the company surged immensely.

One positive that has emerged from Schnatter's misconduct is the awareness that it brings to these issues. Though we have made great strides in equality in past years, such insulting language is still prevalent in use throughout our country. It demonstrates that though we have worked very hard to make progress in this country, we still have a lot of work to do.

Plus, I didn't even like Papa John's pizza that much anyways.