Sell Your Used, Cracked, or Broken Phone For Cash or Crypto

While many companies claim they will give you money for your used items, GizmoJoy is one that will you give you the most cash for your used electronics. There are several companies such as Plato's Closet that are notorious for not giving the biggest bang for your buck, GizmoJoy is a new company that is worthy of your attention!

Mitchell Greene is the founder of GizmoJoy. GizmoJoy is a startup company based in Jacksonville, Florida-- Greene has made waves in this industry since 2011. There is one main competitor, Gazelle, where many customers are often displeased with the amount that they are offered for their electronics. However, GizmoJoy keeps a close eye on all competitors to give their customers the best offer for their electronics.

GizmoJoy is comparable to Gazelle although Gazelle will limit your payout to an Amazon gift card, a check, or PayPal. Gizmojoy offers payouts through Venmo, PayPal, checks, gift cards, and cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to start, and more options are on the way. Crypto is here to stay and if you have used electronics just laying around, GizmoJoy should be one of the first companies to be thought of; GizmoJoy makes it easy to start your cryptocurrency portfolio without spending a cent, simply by getting rid of devices laying around your house.

Since GizmoJoy is a new company, their services currently only include buying used phones, you can sell your old or broken iPhone, sell your old or broken Samsung phone, or you can sell other smartphones from manufacturers including LG, Google, HTC, and Motorola. Greene says that he hopes to expand the business to later accept Laptops, computers, cameras, tablets, and even textbooks (because we know that textbooks are often never worth as much as we buy them for!) Additionally, there are hopes to include trade-ins and eventually also selling used and refurbished electronics.

The process for GizmoJoy's services is fairly simple and is but four steps! Below are the instructions from the website:

Get a quote: Find your device above to see our offer. Add your devices to your cart and checkout. We will have a padded box sent to your door with a prepaid return label and free packaging supplies.

Fill prepaid box: Since we do same day shipping, your box will get to you quickly. Make sure your device has been properly erased and Icloud or Google accounts removed. Place your device inside, and affix the prepaid label to the top.

Drop it off in the mail: Once your device is packaged with the return label on top, just drop it off at any UPS or USPS location. It'll reach us quickly. Once we have it, our tech will confirm condition within one business day.

Get paid: Once the condition of the electronic is confirmed, we will send out payment using the method of your choice. You will receive the exact quoted price. If we have a problem with your device, we will contact you before sending any payment.

Small start-up companies are worthy of support and if they end up being successful, a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you were one of its first supporters is one unmatched as well.

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