23 Fashion Decisions Every Girl Will Probably Admit To Making During Her Awkward Phase
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23 Fashion Decisions Every Girl Will Probably Admit To Making During Her awkward Phase

Complete and total disclaimer: I still make some of these fashion decisions to this day, and I am okay with that.

23 Fashion Decisions Every Girl Will Probably Admit To Making During Her awkward Phase
Hannah Williamson

Here's to our interesting fashion choices during our awkward years...

1. Side ponytails

No, I'm not talking about the cute side ponytails that rest on your shoulder. I'm talking about those gosh awful, why'd my mama let me do my own hair kind of side ponytail... the one that's so embarrassing I can't bring myself to post a picture of me as an example.

Use your imagination: a middle school girl with straight blonde hair puts a ponytail far on the side of her head yet right on top of her head too..... enough said.

2. Phiten necklaces


Honestly not even sure where these came from or why they became so popular?

3. Paracord bracelets

Hannah Williamson

These bracelets were marketed as a 'survival tool', but I highly doubt 10-year-old me knew that. It was just the cool thing to wear.

4. Graphic tees from Justice and Limited Too

Hannah Williamson

Looking back at this is so cringe-worthy, but graphic tees like these from Justice and Limited Too were definitely a must have.

5. Silly bands


Not quite sure why I thought these were THE. COOLEST. THING. EVER. But anytime I saw a pack of these in the store, my mom knew I was going to beg and beg and beg for them!! I mean, how cool was it that a bracelet could become a shape when you took it off your wrist??? Even though I definitely do not wear these anymore, I still have a large Ziploc bag full of them. Who knows, maybe they will be worth something one day.

6. Gauchos

I cannot find a picture of me in these flowy, comfy pants when I was younger, but I think it's probably better that way. They sure were comfortable, but looking back, they were by no means fashionable.

7. Sequined purses

You were styling and profiling when you had that bright colored sequined purse. My personal favorite was bright pink (that one hundred percent clashed with every outfit I ever wore.)

8. Uggs

Hannah Williamson

Grab you a hoodie, put on some leggings, put on your Uggs, and you were good to go!!

9. Capris

Hannah Williamson

You've got to rock the capris for the beach photo shoot.

10. Plaid cowgirl button up shirts

The sparkly ones from Aeropostale were the best!!

11. Distressed flared boot cut jeans

Pair these jeans with a t-shirt and tennis shoes, and you were all set to go!

12. Thick headbands

Thick, bright colored headbands were SO IN... why???

13. Polo t-shirts with sperrys

Hannah Williamson

Easy and fashionable outfit!!

14. Bright eye shadow colors

You know... we were at that age that we wanted to wear make up, but we really did not know ANYTHING about it. Thus, we wore bright colored eye shadow that was most definitely not done correctly.

15. Jewelry from Claire's

Were you even BFF's if you didn't buy BFF necklaces from Claire's???

16. Southern Belle t-shirts

Hannah Williamson

Like I said earlier, pair these t-shirts with jeans and Sperrys, and that was my outfit all of middle school.

17. Yellow Box flip-flops


I was obsessed with these shoes!!! I remember my mom bought a few pair for my birthday one year, and I grew out of them within a month. I was SO upset!!!

18. Anything Aeropostale, Abecrombie, or Hollister with the logo

You just had to have the bright colored sweatpants that said "Aeropostale" down the side of the leg. We were pretty much just free marketing for these companies with how often we wore clothes not because of cute designs but because they had the logo on them.

19. Feathers in hair

Not sure where the idea came from to wear a feather in our hair? But, it was definitely one of the "in" things to do.

20. Long sleeve white t-shirts under regular t-shirts

My oh my... this was the go-to in my household when it was cold outside. If I wanted to wear my favorite short sleeve t-shirt and it was cold outside, I knew I was going to have to put on the white long sleeve up under it.

21. Mismatched socks on purpose

Hannah Williamson

Because it was cool to wear mismatched socks on purpose right?

22. Bright colored athletic shorts paired with the matching tank top

I was always sporting the bright colored athletic shorts from Justice paired with the matching tank top. I probably looked like a walking highlighter.

23. Fuzzy Northface jackets


These were my FAVORITE Christmas gift. They are seriously some of the softest and most comfortable jackets ever. I practically lived in these in middle school.

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