Lessons Learned From 2016

Most people are in agreement about this one: 2016 was a freakin' rollercoaster. 2016 was a year of celebrity deaths, of a dead gorilla (RIP Harambe,) a year of politics.

Many have deemed 2016 as an awful year, but I do not believe a year can be deemed all bad or all good. 2016 was a year of new experiences for me. I experienced death and breakups. I graduated high school and started college. It was a year filled with firsts, both good and bad. It was a year of my world constantly turning upside down, yet the sun still rose every morning. 2016 was my hardest year, but I overcame every obstacle thrown my way.

2016 has taught me that some of the people in our lives are meant to be temporary. This doesn't mean it wasn't real, it just means the relationship served its purpose. Don't much too much effort in reviving a friendship or relationship if it has already run its course.

What's meant to be will be. Everything that is meant to happen will happen. The people who are truly yours will always be yours.

While 2016 taught me a lot about the roles of others in my life, but most importantly 2016 taught me about myself. I am strong, I am fun, I am beautiful. Fill your life with love for others, but never forget to love yourself. Spend time enjoying your own company.

Read books. Take bubble baths. Go on a new hike. Explore places you've never been before. Ask your crush to hang out. Wake up early and watch the sunrise. Go to the gym and make your body stronger. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Buy new clothes that you look good in. Put your favorite songs on and dance around the house. Sing while you drive. Take road trips with the people that make your heart smile. Do whatever makes you feel alive in 2017. This is our year. Bring it on world.

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