ICYMI: Gigi Hadid Lip Sync Battle
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ICYMI: Gigi Hadid Lip Sync Battle

Chills, Gigi, chills.

ICYMI: Gigi Hadid Lip Sync Battle

PSA: The latest “Lip Sync Battle”aired this past Thursday, with the usual suspects: host LL Cool J trying to remain relevant alongside Chrissy Teigen, who stars as the "Colorful Commentator." To which we say, WTF kind of title is that? It's basically code for stand there and look hot because LL Cool J isn't enough. This requires no effort from her. Literally, we could not get over how great her boobs looked.

As things kept rolling, LL Cool J began explaining the rules and brought out the dueling competitors: Tyler Posey, Of “Teen Wolf” and Gigi Hadid, supermodel at basically life. He began to further explain how each celeb performs two songs of his or her choice to see who wins that WWE wannabe belt based off audience reaction. Chrissy Teigen also gives the audience her opinion because, after all, she is the “Colorful Commentator.”

But, out with the old and in with the new (Sorry Chrissy.) After Tyler Posey gave a Danny-Zuko esque performance of A-Ha's, "Take On Me." Gigi began to leave us all a bit nostalgic and jealous by performing, "Larger Than Life." Giving us the Backstreet Boys reunion we were all totally waiting to happen on the show.

While she set the scene in a skin-tight leather jumpsuit, standing on top of what appeared to be a motorcycle, rocket or a telescope you pick. (Side-note, I was definitely getting major Halloween inspo here.) She killed the performance even better by introducing the boys, Nick Carter and AJ McLean on stage in, wait for it--pods. Yes, it was somewhat like the Victoria's Secret fashion show all over again. Except, the show and guys pants were all swooning on no other lady but, Gigi and her envious physique.

That said, Tyler did handled the obvious domination adorably and appropriately.

And, don't let me forget, Gigi was getting down with the boys like it was no biggie. (shocking)

But, to refresh our memories with some stuff we already know about Gigi. She is one of fashion industry's reigning "It" girls who just so happens to be a gold member in Swifts squad and bestie's with Kendal Jenner--Additionally, please note that she is only about 20 years old which really makes me question what I am doing with my own life--She basically has also gone through a bunch of celeb boyfriends like makeup wipes--but, it's okay because she is an Angel and she is hot AF.

So without further adieu, please enjoy a brief gif on my feelings after watching her slay and check out the link below to watch the full episode!

I believe Emma Stone said it best.

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