10 Gifts To Get Your Go-To Bestie For The Holidays
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10 Gifts To Get Your Go-To Bestie For The Holidays

Go on and treat yo' bestie.

10 Gifts To Get Your Go-To Bestie For The Holidays

It is that time of the year where we spend hours shopping online and searching stores for the perfect gifts for our family and our friends. Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect gift to get your most special friend. No worries girl, continue reading for some gift ideas. I have you covered.

1. Bath, body, and beauty

Who can say no to self-care? I for sure can't. Gather a bunch of beauty products such as lotions, bath bombs, face masks, and candles to give your bestie the downtime they so preciously need after final exams. Head to your local bath and body works, Walgreens, or Target and make a basket filled with all their favorite goodies for them to enjoy.

2. Photo album or scrapbook

What could be better than a photo collage or scrapbook to memorialize all the special moments the two of you have experienced together? Nothing! Go through your social media accounts and pick out some of your favorite throwback pictures. Find a cute book and get to crafting!

3. Pajamas

When you have those busy homework days and you do not feel like leaving the house why not stay in your cozy pajamas all day long. Head to your nearest Marshalls, Dillards, Target, or Walmart to find some cozy jammies your bestie will instantly love. Throw in some fuzzy socks so her feet stay warm!

4. Jewelry

Every girl loves to accessorize. Whether it be with necklaces, bracelets, or rings your bestie has plenty of times she can go out and wear some glitzy. Head to your local department store to find something affordable, yet stylish. If you can't find anything in stores, check out websites like Etsy or Amazon. A gift I have received that shows something personal and special is something engraved. Get your BFF's name or initials engraved on a statement piece can be the best gift she has ever received.

5. Makeup

Get your bestie some shimmery eyeshadow shades or a pretty lip color. With the holidays coming, she can dress up and try out a new look. Head to your local Sephora or drugstore to put together a cute makeup goody bag for your friend to enjoy. Mixing and matching new products and some favorites will give her a chance to stick to the basics as well as try new products out. Throw in some makeup brushes and cleaner, so she can add to her collection.

6. Monogrammed Blanket

A cute personalized gift to get your bestie for the holidays can be simple, yet personal. A gift I have gotten for my bestie that she loved was a cute personal blanket. Grab a blanket and head to an embroidery shop. Depending on the place, it will cost up to $10 dollars. You can put their name or their monogrammed initial to make it specifically for them. Next time they watch a movie or t.v. show they will be all cozied up in their new blanket!

7. Perfume

Buying someone perfume shows that you personally picked out a scent that you thought they would enjoy. You can't go wrong with picking up a nice perfume for your bestie to love and wear. Head to your local department store to find the latest scents. Stores like Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works offer several scents depending on what you are looking for.

8. Netflix and movie gear

No explanation needed.

9. Flowers

Who could say no to a bouquet of flowers? I know I couldn't. Not only do they smell good, but they are beautiful too. Head to your local grocery store to pick out a simple, yet elegant bouquet that your bestie will love!

10. Phone case

Every girl loves to have a fun and cute phone case to show off her personality. Get your bestie an iPhone case that shows off her fun and cool personality. Head to Target, Walmart, or Amazon to find inexpensive phone cases that are durable and super cute.

Whatever you get your best friend, she will love and appreciate because I mean hello, it is coming from you! Whatever you decide to give her, give it some love and thought. I am sure she will love it just as much as she loves and appreciates you.

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